Update 27-1-2015:  The winner of this giveaway contest are @anujpoddar80 and @U_ANOOP1. They will get a Redmi Note 4G or Yureka phone as the grand price. Other 5 winners –  @babu_gudia, @IAmDjManoj, @Vatsalvn, @YumnamJenan and @naif46 will get Flipkart vouchers worth 1,000 INR each.

All winners have to mail their ID proof to us on giveaway@gadgetstouse.com

GadgetsToUse Fastest UC Browser Giveaway Winners Announcement [Video]

We are back with another Giveaway contest, and this time we have a Yu Yureka and Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G to part with. This giveaway is in association with UC Browser which is also the most downloaded third party browser in the world. Latest version of UC Browser for android has also got cool feature of Facebook Real Time Notifications once you are logged in to facebook through new facebook addon in UC Browser. The contest will be live from 14th January to 24th January 2015.


How to Participate

Step 1: All participants will have to tweet answers to two questions Why Is UC browser is best browser for your smartphone? and Best Feature of UC Browser which make it the best browser?

Step 2: Include @gadgeststouse and #fastestUCBrowser in your tweets.

Step 3: Every participant needs to like UC Browser facebook  (If they haven’t already) page at https://www.facebook.com/ucmobindia and https://www.facebook.com/ucmob 

Step 4: Follow our Facebook page, follow our Twitter ID and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel (Optional)

UC Browser Giveaway Prizes

We will include people with 10 or more tweets in our list and select two random winners from the list will get Xiaomi Redmi Note  and YU Yureka from our team. 5 other random entries from the list will get Flipkart vouchers worth Rs. 1000 INR each.

Participate Through Giveaway This Widget

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Here are some of Top UC Browser Features that you will like:

1) You can use it to quickly check Facebook Notifications using Facebook addon


2) It can compress data and load mobile websites very fast.


3) UC Browser offers different type of add-ons which you can choose from, like QR Scanner, Find Word, etc.


4) You can download and use several themes


5) You can also check your railway booking information, without opening any other app


6) UC Browser also comes with an incognito mode


Giveaway 6 Features Which Make UCBrowser Best Browser For Your Smartphone[Video]

Terms and Conditions

  • This contest is applicable to the participants who are resident of India and above or equal to 18 years in age. Entries by person below age of 18 years shall be disqualified.
  • For participation, Participant must hold a valid twitter account.
  • Participation in the Contest implies that Participants agree to all Terms & Conditions of the Contest. Anybody found using any unfair means will be immediately disqualified.
  • The contest is open between 14 th January 2014 to 24th January 2014.
  • One winners will be selected at the end of the contest term.
  • GadgetsToUse will select the names of the contest winners. The selection cannot be legally challenged.
  • We will contact the winner after the end of the contest via Twitter, if we do not get a reply within 10 days then we will select another winner.
  • The winners cannot claim cash or money in exchange of the prize and it is not transferable.
  • Members of GadgetsToUse and their family members are not eligible to participate in this giveaway
  • Winners will not have to pay shipping cost or Gift tax for this Giveway contest.


The Author spent a significant chunk of his formative years resisting technology. He now keeps an eye on where the world is heading to, and drives a passive pleasure from this indulgence. His passion to write, learn and improve drives him each day. When his day ends, he enjoys the pleasant languor and detoxifies with family. You can connect with him on and Twitter


  1. Its the best tech channel.. N yureka is the best phone out there n not to forget the uc browser as well . it’s amazingly fast..

  2. Nice video post for showing different widgets on UC Browser. This is really helpful and also does prove that this browser is the best in the world.

  3. The best feature i liked about the UC browser is addons..We have many browsers running on android but i think this Browser makes unique by adding the addons such as Adblock..its helps a lot bcoz while downloading the songs i used to get pop ups and many other pages were opening unnecessarily..i
    I used this feature and thus blocked all the ads…which helped me lot..

  4. <3 You UC… You Are Fast as a Rocket Which Speed is 11.2 km/sec…. <3 <3

    Youtube Username: rahul yadav

    on twitter :…








    Facebook :


    google plus:






  5. UC Browser gets all the bells and whistles that come to expect from a desktop browser – tabbed browsing lets go through multiple pages quickly, while a speed dial at launch gives quick access to favourite sites. Support for extensions can add a lot of useful functionality as well, and can move to full screen browsing with the touch of a button.


    Video sharing link:-

    Fb sharing link:-

  6. Link to the Video I shared.


    I really like the Data compression feature, It makes browsing superfast & and enjoyable experience.

    UCBrowser is Best cause it is. Fast Never Crashes Perfect Rendering Easy to use Light on resources Saves Data Better Video Experience Allows to turn images off. Perfect for browsing on 2G network

  7. #fastestUCBrowser Well Myself loves Facebook and every min looks for Notifications.!!@UCBrowser Makes its so easy and Quick..
    Quickly check of Facebook Notifications using Facebook addon -That would make our work so easyy !! Thx to UCBrowser for this amazing version.It is the best and i will download it very first if i win the Smarthphone from GadgetsToUse !! 🙂

  8. Access Facebook with an ease like never before!! Quickly check of Facebook Notification makes its just wonderful browser for all the lovers of Facebook ! So easy to use now.!! #fastestUCBrowser @gadgetstouse

  9. So many Reasonss to love @UCBrowser !
    Amazing features..!
    Fast Fast Fast..!
    It will make an facebook experience easy and convininent.!! 🙂

  10. Uc browser is best browser for mobile cuz its faster, have better download manager, ui is just perfect, incognito tabs to protect you and ur data #fastestUCBrowser @gadgetstouse @UcBrowser

  11. #fastestUCBrowser @gadgetstouse @UcBrowser
    Enjoying sharing the best features of UcBrowser !!

  12. I love to use UC browser first of all its super fast, has awesome downloader, and the new video section is just wonderful & now with fb notification in real-time adds seventh star to it 🙂

  13. What kinda contest is it? On step 3 & step 4, the participant needs to like and follow your site and UC on FB, but who already liked those long ago, what about them (should be mentioned as: ignore if already like and following)?

    In the TC, nowhere mentioned that whether the member of gadgetstouse.com are eligible for this contest or not, which makes realize that the winner could be among themselves only…

    Make the condition in proper format in a corporate way… lol

  14. https://twitter.com/mohammad146/status/555913108133138433



    UC browser is best for me bcoz I can customize in many ways…i set themes , wallpapers, night mode, i love QR scanner, you can set download location..snappy, i used it from a long time and love that….And the best feature of UC browser is add Ons….love that..QR scanner, and AD blocks are best for me ….So its amazing…Now i want to use that in Redmi Note or Yureka..So give me ..Gadgetstouse and UC browser ….

  15. #fastestUCBrowser @UCBrowser -,smart downloading and night mode to protect my eyes in dark ! Just superb features! @gadgetsouse

  16. main feature i like in UC Browser is FB faster add on ,smart downloading and night mode to protect my eyes in dark and also to save my battery
    last but not least it give smoother and faster browsing experience

  17. UC Browser. It is very very easy to down load and even multiple
    files on a thread simultaneously comparatively faster. I also can download
    files in default files which accords to it’s type. When I have downloaded a RAR
    file, I need to find it in RAR folder to easily get it. If somehow my download
    is enturrupted then it automatically resumes when network is available. It is
    the master of downloading as can resume when others start from the beginning.
    Mobile downloading is a fun on UC Browser which shows in notification thread as
    well. #fastestUCBrowser @UCBrowser @gadgetsouse

  18. UC Browser is a fast and smart browser that gives you excellent browsing experience and helps to reduce your data cost.AD blocking, preloaded sites & apps & great UI makes it a special browser.UC Browser gives you a fast all-in-one web experience – an excellent Searching, Browsing, Downloading, Video, Gaming, Shopping and Social Sharing experience at the fastest speeds.

  19. you see UC 😛 Browser is a superfast compressing big data browser, it sums up my daily life. 🙂 THank you Gadgets to Use and UC Browser for this giveaway.. 🙂 #enjoyed #wishtowin 🙂

  20. @gadgetstouse #fastestUCBrowser #contest One of the most impressive things is the ‘FB Faster’ mode, with which Facebook loading is going to be really fast this time, even on a 2G network. @UCBrowser

  21. @gadgetstouse #fastestUCBrowser #contest @UcBrowser
    Shared it on Google+ !! Lets spread the superb features of this amazing browser everywhere.!!!!! 🙂

  22. UC Browser is fastest and consumes less data . I can save data more
    than 60% to minimise my mobile’s data usage. It has plenty of customizable features to reduce data consumption. Whoever
    uses limited data package, UC Browser is the perfect solution. I connect fast
    and save data one and only in UC Browser for that I’am stick on it.!!
    Amazing Browser!!!@gadgetstouse #fastestUCBrowser #contest @UcBrowser

  23. The best feature, which i useful for me is to resume all the interrupted
    downloads. Which saves time, data and the frustration when a download
    fails.@gadgetstouse #fastestUCBrowser #contest @UcBrowser
    Thank UcBrowser for this amazing browser !

  24. the best mobile web browser teaming up with the best tech blog for giving best gadgets at present 🙂 I couldn’t ask for more in my birthday month

  25. @UCBrowser It’s loading speed even in 2G network… Awesome…!!
    Keep this great work going @UCBrowser ! 🙂 @gadgetstouse

  26. thankyou gadgetstouse and uc browser team for giveaways like this and hope you continue this in future

  27. Uc browser is the best browser in the world,it comes with real notification and speed mode ,night mode ,file manager #fastestucbrowser

  28. #fastestUCBrowser is The Best coz it’s gives me more than I want 🙂 trying my best, wish 2 PlayGod YUreka 🙂

  29. Thank you Gadgets to use, for conducting the giveaway…. I have been following you since last year, Due to slow internet net speed , I always download your reviews and keep it in my 32gig MMC. (Using UC browser for windows phone, I can download YouTube videos by just a click!!) … I still keep your reviews of some mid range smartphones in my Memory card. .. I’m yet to use an Android phone.. I jumped from java to windows phone!! So hopefully participating this…. I wanna use UC Browser for Android too!!!

  30. Custom Themes ,Smart Downloading and Fast Browsing are the most interested features in @UCBrowser ! #fastestUCBrowser #contest @gadgetstouse

  31. UC Browser is the best browser for mobile phone bcoz its faster internet even in 2G connection too, its having easy downloading mode, best for social sites, #FasterUCBrowser @Gadgettouse @UCBrowser.

  32. Facebook faster loading and resume download is a best feature that all other including the famous browsers dont resumes download when i download large files network problem arises and the download stops after the network comes the download doesn’t resume I have plenty of browsers previously but none work with this resuming feature but I came across uc browser I’ve downloaded it and I can now resuming downloads without wording of network problems and the pages loads faster than other browsers with less data one single word about uc browser is just awesome #fastestUCBrowser @gadgetstouse @UcBrowser

  33. Humm… Fund the changes in T&C as requested. Now it looks to be prominent. Anyway never joined the giveaway as already won the Google Nexus 7 2013 in KitKat India contest! So let other win too. Hope this kinda contests are legitimate. Appreciate your hard work and effort as usual… Keep up the good job…

  34. @gadgetstouse @UC BROWSER IS BEST b’coz it gives all new fast web experience like Desktop example
    an excellent Searching, Browsing, Downloading,
    Video, Gaming, Shopping and Social Sharing experience at the fastest speeds.
    first time i have used UC BROWSER in nokia feature phones in 2011 with IDEA 2G the speed was too Good.
    it had all speeddial & speedlinks to download free music, JAVA games &videos.
    when UCbrowser can give a wonderful experience in feature phones,
    that compressed data which was very useful for my weekly data plans.
    So using UC in Smartphone would be world class #FASTESTUCBROWSER

    the links are https://www.facebook.com/ucmob/posts/391917744321782

  35. UCBROWSER is Best browser for Smartphones In All Angels because it is speed Data Saver And Give most Of Best Features Which even We Can’t see In so Called Big Browsers that’s why I Like UC most ☺☺

  36. the feature of going back main screen by swapping the screen from download section need to be stop #fastestUCBrowser @UCBrowser

  37. @UCBrowser @gadgetstouse #fastestUCBrowser It is really Enjoying but I think it will look more Good If UCBrowser add A bit of Material Design and Keep the Home Button at the Middle

  38. #fastestUCBrowser @UCBrowser @gadgetstouse.com
    One of the best fast browser..No matters ifs you are have 2g or 3g network browsing through UcBrowser will always make you go on..!!

  39. I am a proud Ucer Because There’s intelligent Text Zoom for easier reading in UC Browser ?@Gadgetstouse#fastestUCBrowser #contest 
    Just amazing ! !

  40. First if all the UI is simple and most fluid with themes. I always download files via UCbrowser since it has feature of AUTORESUME which is not found in other browser and also the CLOUD DOWNLOAD which makes it a UNIQUE one :). The browsing too is lightning fast even on slow data connections. i like the built in add ons specially the ad blocker :). Indeed I LOVE UCBrowser <3

    My tweet links



  41. I do love new uc browser because now it comes with new option for customization like wallpaper, themes and font too. The coolest feature for which it is famous for is its fastest surfing and high speed downloads even at lower bandwidth.and how i forget the incognito mode and night mode (this helps me alot using my phone in latenight).

    Also now its provide FB notification feature that’s so cool and awesome.

    And i love UC browser 🙂



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