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Multilingual Asus Keyboard with Support to English, Hindi and Tamil Announced

Asus has come up with its latest multilingual Asus Keyboard that is a contemporary keyboard enabling users to type as per their liking and comfort in English, Hindi and Tamil. The users can either type on the keyboard by tapping with their finger and thumbs or by simply swiping across the keyboard to spell out the words. The keyboard is designed to assist in speeding up the user’s typing.

asus keyboard

Asus will continue to provide localized features of Zenfone models and to provide an additional value to the Indian users by establishing a user friendly interface. The firm is coming up with innovations constantly based on the feedback received from its users and this will render a more personalized experience. Asus is claimed to be working on other regional languages as well and the localized features will be updated constantly.

The Asus keyboard lets the users to flick their finger downwards to key in a special character or flick upwards to key in uppercase letters. It paves way for quick editing and convenient typing with a personal dictionary that can be edited easily. The Asus Keyboard provides accurate next word prediction and suggestions, auto correction and learning capability.

The Asus Keyboard can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and used on the Zenfone models to experience the localized features that the vendor will bring in.

Regarding the Asus Keyboard launch, Peter Chang, Regional Head, South Asia & Country Manager, System Business Group, Asus India said, “The ASUS keyboard is a very user friendly device that supports only ASUS gadgets. We are constantly working towards devising techniques that make use of our gadgets smoother for our customers irrespective of the language. Our new innovation enables finger flicking, fast swipe typing and intelligent learning and word suggestions that simplifies your typing needs significantly. Supporting multiple languages is the most important aspect of localisation. In view of our customers’ feedback, we have introduced multi-lingual support. We believe that it is important to serve all of the users with diverse features and simplify the user interface significantly.”


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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