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Flat Attack Portable Charger with AA Battery to Replace Power Banks Soon

As smartphones and other such portable devices are power hungry, manufacturers came up with power banks that can facilitate in charging up these devices on the go. While we usually carry power banks to keep our devices fully charged, there appears to be a different approach to the issue.

An Aussie resident Anthony Peacock has come up with a device called Flat Attack that is a portable AA battery operating charger. This charger can be used to power up the smartphones and other devices while traveling.

flat charger

Interestingly, this portable charger does not require to be charged like the other power banks as it makes use of AA batteries that can be replaced anytime once the charge is out. The Flat Attack is ultra portable weighing in only at 35 grams and it comes with ports that can be charge Android and Apple devices.

As of now, the device is up on Indiegogo crowd funding website and the seller is targeting $20,000 to send its first bag of shipment. The Flat Attack is also available in a pink variant that is priced at $20 and there is a Family Pack costing $80 including four Flat Attacks in Black and White and eight batteries. Notably, this pricing of the portable charger includes the shipping charges as well and the shipping will debut in April after the funding is complete.

The designer claims that the Flat Attack will pump in up to 60 minutes of talk time, 2 hours of continuous texting or 7 hours of standby time for all smartphones. Besides smartphones, the portable charger can also charge other devices such as speakers, tablets, smartwatches and tablets.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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