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Top 5 Trends to Watch Out For in 2015 Indian Tech Market

2015 will be a very interesting year for Smartphones globally, and particularly in India, which is going to see a lot of action with the arrival of new players and well established ones trying to hold their grounds. From the current situation, here is what you can expect.

MT6732 and MT6752 All Around

MediaTek M6582 replaced MT6589 last year and emerged out as a better, faster and more robust SoC than its predecessor. This year, MediaTek has MT6732 and MT6752 64 bit quad core and octa core chipsets up its sleeves which will fly your smartphone experience to the next level. We expect these SoCs to completely replace MT6582 in later half of 2015.


The 1.5 GHz MT6732 will be pitched against Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 410 SoC and the 2 GHz MT6752 big.LITTLE octa core will be up against Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 615 SoC. All cores will be power efficient Cortex A53 cores. Since only 4 Cortex A53 cores can he joined in a cluster, power efficient big.LITTLE configuration to be a hit in 2015.

Both chipsets will be assisted by powerful Mali T760 GPU (The one we see in Samsung high end Exynos chips, although number of cores is still not confirmed). Other features include H.265 and legacy H.264 support, 4G LTE, Support for 13 MP camera, MediaTek’s ClearMotion and MiraVision technology.

The 6732 will be compatible with 720p HD displays only. This mediatek SoC is expected to be a significant improvement over MT6582 and MT6592 in budget devices.

Things will definitely be top-notch for day to day consumers and hopefully for avid gamers as well. we are eager to test these new generation 64 bit smartphones in India.

Flash Sales

With increasing competition and smaller launch cycles, manufacturers don’t have much option but to retail devices online. One is the Motorola way and the other is the Xiaomi way. The Xiaomi way of registering and competing for limited stock will get a lot more popular as well. Yureka and Lenovo have already started with the routine.


Almost all major OEMs have added online exclusives to their arsenal. With ecommerce market expected to grow many folds in coming time, consumers are more open towards buying from online stores.



Despite several promises made, 4G LTE is still elusive in India. Airtel remains the sole LTE provider in India, but Airtel too isn’t willing to support all 4G LTE smartphones. With Smartphone manufacturers prioritizing 4G in all upcoming smartphones, this is expected to change in 2015. Since Airtel is offering 4G speeds at 3G Rates, all competing telecom giants will step up their game. ecomm

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Android TV

At CES 2014, we saw all major manufacturers eagerly adopting Android TV. Next year all Sony smart TVs will be running Android TV. Other manufacturers like Sharp, TP Vision, etc will be adopting this new platform too. This will also mean a more intimate relation between your smartphone and Television.


Samsung on the other hand will be providing Tizen OS on all consumer appliances and aims at being the arch Android TV rival. Since several domestic manufacturers like Micromax and Intex have already jumped to TV space, Its highly probable that we see a reasonably priced Android TV launched in India in 2015.


First round of Wearable championship is over with no one emerging as winner. Apple will release its Watch in 2015, which might finally revitalize wearable segments. With all the digital smartness – Smart TV, Smart Auto, Smart bulbs- Integrated in our life style, a wearable can act as a more convenient remote as compared to your smartphone. But in present day world, where people expect extremely low prices on wearables, will they actually succeed?


There are many questions regarding evolution of wearable technology and we will have to wait till 2015 for them to be answered.

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Some Other Things to Watch Out For

Besides what is listed above, there are several other interesting things we expect in 2015. Google will introduce its first modular Project Ara smartphone, the next Android version – Android M, the second version of Chromecast with second screen support and more. We are also excited about Windows 10 and WhatsApp VoIP services. There is a lot to be excited about.


As you can see, there is plenty to be excited about in 2015. Pure Flagship experience is already available in vicinity of 20,000 INR and in the year ahead, with smartphones like Zenfone 2 on the way, users won’t have to shell out more than 15,000 INR on smartphones for great Android experience. Let’s wait and watch.


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