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Reasons Why You Should Not Upgrade to Lollipop Till It Becomes Stable

It has been about two years since Google announced the Nexus 5 and its still one of the most used phone amongst Android fans, though it is an official Google, but it has a list of bugs and issues which have not yet been resolved. With newer versions of Android i.e. Android 5.0 Lollipop coming slowly and steady to more devices, many people like to try out the updates before others and they encounter endless bugs. This guide explains you why who should not upgrade to Lollipop till the time it becomes stable and the existing bugs are fixed.

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Auto-app Restart in Background

With Android 5.0 Lollipop, the newest problem that we’ve encountered was a bug which causes the apps to restart in background without any appropriate reason. This is caused with the apps running in your background, the ones which have persistent notification are being affected. This causes a slight slow down in the device’s performance. We’re hoping that Google fixes this soon.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

The issue making Lollipop users often regret installing it is the Wi-Fi connectivity issue. This is an undead bug which just keeps coming back. The currently existing solutions for this are toggling airplane mode on and off or forget and reconnect to the network or else reboot your phone. We often see people having WiFi issues with software updates. This is expected to be resolved completely for everyone with future update.

Battery Bug

After every new installation of a firmware, there is a slight noticeable drain in the battery for some users. The cause of this bug is because it was an update installed on top of existing firmware instead of a “clean install“.  The alternative solution to this problem is perform a factory reset and do a clean install.

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Factory Reset Bug

This was a nasty bug and it sucked a big-time. If you are unlucky, you could get an unexpected factory reset just as a result of tapping around on the lockscreen. Luckily with the latest update of Android 5.0.1 this has been fixed. Still several users are complaining about random freezes and unexpected reboots. Not all users face this problem.

The Flashlight Bug

Until Android 4.4 Kitkat, we didn’t see major bugs in the camera section of Android. But with Android 5.0, it was annoying to reboot the phone every time you kept the flashlight on until the timeout otherwise you wouldn’t be able to use your camera app or flashlight again.

Missing Silent Mode

Its a sort of lack-of-a-feature with Lollipop. Yes, there is no silent mode in Android 5.0. The only option for you to use that feature is by installing and using 3rd party apps that allow you to do so. You can also search for apps with that functionality by searching “Lollipop Silent Mode” on the Google Play Store.

High RAM Usage

Its a performance bug that caused high RAM usage and a withered performance with a lag. Similar to the random app crashes, the simple solution to this issue was to go to Fastboot (turn your device off, then hold Power and Volume Down until you see the Fastboot menu, then go and select the Recovery Mode and press Power to select it) and then wipe the cache partition.

You can never have enough of it with any version of android, so if you just need to try out the look and feel of Android Lollipop on your device you can install custom  launchers and stuff, but upgrading to Lollipop in the unofficial way is not suggested atleast till the time it is not stable.


Android Lollipop bugs are not for all devices. some users claim improved performance after update as well. These lollipop troubles can also be held accountable for low penetration of Android Lollipop – After several months its still on less than two percent of devices. AndroidOne phones are yet to receive Lollipop update.  If you are ok with your device performance, you might want to wait for a few more weeks and not install the update as soon as it arrives on your device.

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