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Top 5 Best Android Contacts Apps for Everyone

Default Contacts app in android has been the same for some time now and there is a good chance that you are looking for some change. How you deal with contacts on your device is more of a personal thing. Here are some of the apps you can try which will give you more options over conventional Contact apps.

Contacts +

Contacts+ is more suited for users who like keeping track of social media conversations of their close contacts. The app integrates well with your Google+, twitter, linked in, WhatsApp and Facebook account and can pick cover photos from social media contacts directly.


All info is imported automatically and you can keep track of conversations and posts on all popular social media channels directly from this app.  The app offers almost all features in the book and can also be used to merge duplicate contacts. You can also block or ignore unwanted people. The app can also be used as you default SMS app and dialer.


PureContact is not a contact replacement app, but a simplification app. It is meant for those who like it simple and fast. If you have a phonebook loaded with contacts and you wish to keep a group of people separate from rest of the crowd.


You will have to populate it yourself and then you can assign simple actions to different swipe gestures, including mail, text,whatsapp, Telegram or to open contact information. So if you like it simple and would like to work with convenient gestures to simply contacts, this is the app for you. You can buy the pro version for a home screen widget and some other added features.


The Sync.Me app also offers very powerful Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn integration. The app can search and sync your contacts with Facebook contacts. The app has been upgraded with Google Material design language and can help you with social updates, remind you of upcoming birthdays.


The app can also warn you against spams and display names of unknown callers in its database. The best part of this apps is it automatically provides notifications and automatically updates info when people in your contact list make changes to their contact info. You can decide what info you wish to share.

Ready Contact List

Ready Contact List is another material design app which comes with an innovative and beautiful design to make your life simpler. The best feature is the one that allows you to just tap on an alphabet and rotate a dialer to go through all contacts starting from that alphabet. This is really cool.


Keeping all the features aside, the beautiful and refreshing design is in itself worthy enough for you to try it at least once.


Truedialer is not a contact management app, but a very good dialer which can make sure you won’t have to open you contacts app for any operation related to calling and messaging. Since the app is backed by the bountiful TrueCaller database, you can also identify the unknown contacts in your call logs.


The app allows you to directly text your contacts, add speed dials, view contact details and share contact information. If you want a clean and clutter free experience with minimal basic functions, Truedialer might suit you better than most third party contact apps.


We have tried to include versatile apps suited for different types of users. You can use Contact+ and Sync.Me if you need a contacts app with all bells and whistles, while other apps will be better suited for less demanding users. If you have another contact app in your list which works the best for you and is missing from the list, share the info in the comment section below.


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