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Top 5 best SMS and Call Blocking Apps for Android Smartphones

Most smartphone owners know what an irritation unwanted calls and SMS are. Getting up in the middle of the night to attend to an unsolicited call or SMS is a torture that we have all been through.

While there are services such as National Do Not Call service out there, We still need something better on the top of that. So, how to avoid unwanted calls or SMS? Well, here’s a simple way – we have listed 5 Android apps for blocking unwanted calls and SMS for you.

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Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker

If you need a light app that blocks unwanted calls and SMS without causing you any battery troubles, go for Calls Blacklist. The best part of using this app is that not just blocking, but unblocking is also easy.

How it works: You can view your blocking history anytime in the blocking log to check whether you missed any important calls or messages, even from the blocked numbers.

You can also add numbers to a ‘White List’ to make sure that you get important calls and SMSes, regardless of which blocking mode you choose.

Quid Pro Quo: You need to make in-app purchases ranging from Rs. 123-814 for really making sure that unwanted calls don’t get through other sources e.g. Voicemail.

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Master Call Blocker

Master Call Blocker is an ad-free app which is great to use if you are one of those people who have been harassed by unwanted calls and SMSes.

How it works: Simply download and install the app and decide which numbers you would like to feed in the unwanted list, which individual contacts you would like to block, whether from your Phonebook or from your contact list. You can also block all unknown numbers or reply to call with a custom SMS. The app doesn’t consume too much battery.

Quid Pro Quo: None that we could see.

Call and SMS Easy Blocker

Call and SMS Easy Blocker

Call and SMS Easy Blocker is an app that works just like it name sounds.

How it works: Download and install the app. Add phone numbers, contact numbers, recent calls and recent SMSes to the blacklist. You can enable or disable blacklist, select call blocking mode, hide blocked calls, keep a log of blocked calls and blocked SMSes, block private numbers and even remove partial log for enhanced security.

Quid Pro Quo: The app is incompatible with some Android devices.

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TrueCaller – Calller ID and Block

TrueCaller is a world-renowned app which has generally become an intelligent alternative to the phonebook. What’s little known is  its usability as a blocking app.

How it works: The best feature of TrueCaller is that it lets you recognize numbers outside,of your contact list and also shows their location. After downloading the app and installing  it, you can identify unknown incoming calls, you can block calls you don’t want want to attend and make personal contact suggestions based on time and place.

Quid Pro Quo: None, the app does its job well.

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Blacklist Plus  – Call Blocker

Blacklist Plus is a simple and easy to use call blocking app.

How it works: You can add not just numbers from your call and message, but a whole range of other numbers. You can add numbers you certainly want to get access to, to the ‘White List’ and numbers you want to reject to the Black List. You can also password protect your block list.

Quid Pro Quo: Download Blacklist Plus Pro for an ad-free experience.


Well, you can now easily take care of unwanted calls or messages. Our recommendation , even out of this list would be the TrueCaller app for its extensive directory of numbers. if some other app, not mentioned in the list, works for you better- share the knowledge in the comments section below.