Few years back, identifying an unknown song that you have heard on the radio or somewhere was a tedious task. The simplest way was to search on Google using the lyrics, but the assurance that you found the right one is not guaranteed. Moreover, if you do not know the lyrics, you are doomed. With the advancement of technology, the ways are better. You can simply identify an unknown song in a better way. There are several applications that are available for smartphones irrespective of the platform to help you identify songs quickly and precisely.


Shazam provides unlimited tagging and numerous of features. The application identifies songs quickly and accurately, and it is completely integrated with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Spotify and Pandora. Furthermore, the application has scrapped almost all the limitations that are available in similar software. Interestingly, the application lets you tag as many songs as you want.


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Is a song constantly sticking on to your mind? But, the name of the song is not known? SoundHound will be of great help as you can identify a song easily. The application helps in identifying a song by simply humming the melody or singing a few lyrics. Also, it is easy to tag a song like Sham-style tagging while it is laying and see the lyrics like karaoke.




Musixmatch application is a powerful lyric recognition tool that has a large catalog of lyrics to find out what you are looking for using the song lyrics. The app lets you to tag and save the lyrics, share them with others and also browse them while you are offline. The application is compatible with several third party media players to provide you with the lyrics you are listening.

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TrackID is the easiest application that helps in identifying the music around you. With a single tap on the TrackID button, the application will help in recognizing the song you are listening to within a few seconds. The app will provide a deeper integration into the music world by helping you explore artist biographies and music videos. Easily share the songs you have discovered on Facebook. The app also stores your searches in a history enabling services such as Sony Music Unlimited or Spotify.

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Hound is a music search tool that skips the typing and tapping. It basically provides you with the information like Apple Siri voice recognition tool. All you need to do is simply say the song or the artist, and the app will provide you will all the updates instantly. The application will also show the latest Facebook updates, tweets and others from the mentioned artist. Basically, the application avoid the time you spend on typing and provides more time on exploring.



These applications that we have mentioned above will be quite helpful in letting you find the name and other details of the songs that you do not know. There are several other applications as well providing similar services to help you identify anonymous songs.