Updated on 16-4-2015: We have added battery backup stats and some other info in the article after couple of weeks of usage.

Xiaomi has now introduced the successor of Redmi 1S in India, the Redmi 2. When you are upgrading an extreme value for money device, naturally the stakes and expectations are high and for Redmi 2. Registration has already started and if you are interested, here are answers to some basic questions which might be troubling you.


Xiaomi Redmi 2 Quick Specs

  • Display Size: 4.7 inch IPS LCD capacitive touch screen with 720 x 1080 HD resolution
  • Processor: 1.2 GHz 64 bit Quad Core Snapdragon 410
  • RAM: 1 Gb
  • Software Version: Android 4.4 KitKat based MIUI6
  • Camera: 8 MP AF camera.
  • Secondary Camera: 2 MP front-facing camera FF [Fixed Focus]
  • Internal Storage: 8 GB
  • External Storage: Expandable up to 32GB
  • Battery: 2200 mAh battery Lithium Ion
  • Connectivity: 3G, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0 with A2DP, aGPS, 3.5mm audio jack, FM Radio
  • Others: OTG Support – Yes, Dual SIM – Yes

Question – Does Xiaomi Redmi 2 have Corning Gorilla Glass Protection?

Answer –  No, Xiaomi Redmi 2 comes with AGC Dragontrail scratch resistant glass in India.

Question – How is the Display of Redmi 2?

Answer – The 4.7 Inch Display HD IPS LCD display is a very good deal for the price. It seems to have the same quality as Redmi 1S, but is now mirroring a more vibrant and colorful MIUI 6. Viewing angles and colors are all good. sunlight visibility is ok too.

Question – How is the Build Quality?

Answer –  Redmi 2 has shed significant weight (and size) as compared to its predecessor, which makes it look a lot and feel a lot better than Redmi 1S. The phone is solid sturdy and the matte finish plastic lends a nice grip. It looks like a device which could survive a few accidental drops.

Question – Is there any heating issue in Redmi 2?

Answer – So far, we haven’t experience any inconsistent heating in Redmi 2 in day to day usage.

Question – What comes inside the Box?

Answer – 1 Ampere wall charger, Documentation, USB Cable and Battery. No headphones.

Question – What size SIM card is supported? How is the call quality?

Answer – Both SIM cards accept Micro SIM and support 4G. Call quality has been very good so far. Call recording is supported.

Question – Does it have LED notification light?


Answer – Yes, LED notification light is there. You can also change color of the notification light.

Question – How much is Free Storage?

Answer –  Out of 8 GB, 5.26 GB is available at use end, Apps can not be transferred to SD card.

Question – Does it support USB OTG?

Answer – Yes, USB OTG is supported in Redmi 2

Question – How is the Camera Quality?

Answer – The 8 MP rear camera is one of best that we have come across in this price range. The camera app can record 1080p Videos and is more stable than Redmi 1S. Video quality is good, but not great. Still picture quality is very good. Video quality is HD by default, you can change it from  phone settings.

Question – How much did  Redmi 2 score on Antutu and Nenamarks 2?


Answer – Redmi 2 scored 20140 on Antutu and 54.5 fps on Nenamarks 2. Performance has been smooth so far. we will update about how Redmi 2 handles high end gaming soon. By default, the phone is running balanced mode, you can switch to performance mode for heavy usage. Update: Redmi 2 can play most casual games easily, but it stutters under heavy loads. Frame drops in high end gaming were noticeable.


QuestionHow many sensors does  Redmi 2 have?

Answer – You can see the full list in the image below.


Question – How is GPS Locking?

Answer – GPS locking is good on Redmi 2 for both indoors and outdoors.

Question – How loud is Loudspeaker on Redmi 2?

Answer – The Redmi 2 loudspeaker is quite loud. watching media content won’t be a problem at all.

Question – Can Redmi 2 play Full HD 1080p Videos?

Answer – Yes, the handset can play Full HD 1080p and HD 720p videos of several formats smoothly without any issues.

Question – Can Redmi 2 be connected to Bluetooth headsets?

Answer – Yes, you can connect it to Bluetooth headset

Question – Is WiFi Display supported?

Answer – Yes, Redmi 2 supports WiFi Display.

Question  – How is the Battery backup on Redmi 2?

Answer – In balanced mode, which works well for all day to day activities except gaming, we managed to get more than one day backup even with fairly heavy usage.

Xiaomi Redmi 2 India Unboxing, Review, Features, Camera, Overview HD [Video]


Redmi 2 looks and feels lot better than its predecessor. since yesterday we have managed to go one day with mix usage. Phone was in balanced performance mode most of the time. we will analyze battery performance in next few days and update the post. after a period of usage, we will update this post with more information. Meanwhile, you can ask any Redmi 2 related question in the comment section below.

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  1. how soon we can expect redmi 2 with 2gb ram, in India for purchase.
    Why limited edition for 2gb.
    why they dont produce all 2gb ram phones instead of 1gb ram. I am feeling this is also kind of stock clearance of their first lot of redmi2.

  2. Hii deepak
    My Q is. Can I select default SD card to install all application also WhatsApp.
    And how is sound quality in headphone. Like (dad’s, surround)
    Plz reply

  3. My redmi 2 battery is getting discharge very fast. Even in night stand by time it drains 25 % . Just wi fi was connected at night

      • I have a problem when updated my xiaomi redmi 2 it asked me to reboot and then it failed to installed after 98% and it is not started yet please reply me what should I do
        This is urgent

    • that depends on your usage pattern. For common users, who like to engage is social media and messaging, mail accounts, couple of casual games, etc, Redmi 2 is better in my opinion

  4. I am unable to connect wifi with my Redmi 2. I am not seeing any available networks..
    Please help me with this issue

    Just I bought it before 2 days…

  5. I am unable to connect to wifi with my new Redmi 2. I can’t see the available networks of wifi after switching it on. Can you please help in resolving it.

    Just before two days I bought it

  6. the call quality is good on this phone ???

    मै यह फोन दो हफ्तो चे इस्तेमाल कर रहा हु पर मुझे जब मै किसीसे बात करता हु तब सामनेवाले शक्स को बीच बीच मै आवाज धीमी से सुनाई देती हे! क्या ये परेशानी फोन मै हे ये मै जानना चाहता हु

  7. I connected successfully to WiFi but still could not succeeded. When I tried to use net service, I am getting a msg that “It may take few minutes to connect” and wait for around 5 minutes but still could not succeeded.

  8. Is it just me or the 3G speed in this phone doesn’t ever get more than 0.3mbps (40KBps)? I used the same sim in xperia z at the same location, and accessing the same website the speed was mind blowing 1.2MBps (7.6 mbps)

    • Same problem i am also facing, bluetooth head set is not connecting, i Hv portronics Muffs bluetooth headphone, but not connecting, redmi 2 is not able to discover, earlier same head phone was working with Moto E, and all samsung phones. Is there any solution…

  9. hi i got redmi 2, am facing heating issue and am connected to pc then unabe to copy videos or audios direct in to sd card…some time even not connected to pc also…damit…let me suggest..any solution

  10. i m facing problem with charger..phone showing the charging point but its not being charge…what should i do ….plz suggest me urgently..

    • restart your phone. It might be a calibration issue, which isn’t a big deal. If you are charging it after several days, then it will take some time before it starts responding

  11. Dear deepak,

    Do u hv any solution.. for the problem i am also facing, Bluetooth head set is not connecting, i have portronics Muffs bluetooth headphone, but not connecting, redmi 2 is not able to discover, earlier same head phone was working with Moto E, and all samsung phones. Is there any solution…

  12. when i connect my redmi2 mobile through datacable to pc,only the internal memory storage is being displayed and the external memory of sd card is not being displayed…
    how to sort this problem??pls help me with this…

  13. redmi 2 is great mobile. but many problem this mobile heating problem mother board & battery issue & hanging problem

  14. Dear Deepak,
    when i insert SD card my battery drains so fast (8 hours from 100 to 15) , im battery use option it always shows awake when my phone in sleeping mode, when i removed or unmounted sd card it comes to normal. can U suggest me the solution?

      • you know what sir i am confused i am installing sd card of 16GB sandisk class 10 and after that phone is getting heated and media server is taking to much battery what i do????
        and I had purchased Redmi 2 few days ago and I am getting update option so can I upgrade it….Help me

  15. Hlo sir,

    Kindly pls resolve my issue i am using redmi 2 mi phone and facing a issue how to move phone data like images , vedios , song , app to memory card..

    Hope you will provide me best solution and infomation about my matter ASAP.


  16. Whene I’m applying the privacy lock on the apps via any other lock application like app lock, Leo guard, vault etc than the application is lock but when I’m clear the recent apps history after that the privacy lock not working and the apps open directly… Plzz short out this and tell me solution…… Thanx

  17. My redmi2 is not able to send sms to any number.. Neither it is sending or receiving files via Bluetooth.. I just bought it yesterday.. Plz suggest some solution

    • 1. First check the sms centre is configured. for this open sms app, click on the “menu” key (capacitive touch red key on the left on the device, next to home) it will give you settings
      go to settings >advance settings> sms center number
      make sure you have correct sms center number, if you dont know you can ask your operator for help

      in case you have correct number in the sms center then do this

      go to sms app, again click the menu key, click blocklist, on the top just below the battery and clock, you will notice setting icon

      click on blocklist and turn off the blocklist

      if both does not work then you may need to try changing the SIM card

  18. In my Xiomi Redmi 2, since last 2 days SMS’s are received but they are bunched in one.
    all SMS’s are placed in one under… “Notifications”
    and also one Speaker symbol is appearing

    before 2 days this Speaker symbol was not appearing
    and all SMS’s were coming perfect and they were bunched in respective headings

    Please tell why suddenly this Speaker symbol is appearing when I open Messages

  19. Hi, I buy new redmi 2 prime but while i attached headphone, its sound quality is very very poor,
    i don’t know how to improve sound quality,
    i checked this mp3 sound with 3-4 headphone connect,

    downloaded 2-3 mp3 player also but same issue.

    need help to improve, any idea.

  20. When I switch it my redmi 2 it show something like xxxxxxxxx and some symbols like triangle, circle, and much more symbols idont know exactly what happen? Can you help me please!.

  21. My redmi 2 device is not displaying anything it only shows mi logo when it swiched on but from then it doesn’t shows anything……pls help me guys

  22. i have purchased redmi 2 prime last week..for the past three days battery got drain from 100% to 0% in this span of 5 hours in ideal(not in use) situation…Is thr any solution for this??? Pls give a reply….

    • i have purchased redmi 2 prime last week..for the past three days battery got drain from 100% to 0% in this span of 5 hours in ideal(not in use) situation…Is thr any solution for this??? Pls give a reply…pls send this email id:gnanasekar85ece@gmail.com

  23. I have buyer transcend UHS-1 class 10 memory card for my redmi 2 prime will it be compatible with my device? Pls suggest.

  24. I have buyed transcend UHS-1 class 10 memory card for my redmi 2 prime will it be compatible with my device? Pls suggest.

  25. hi sir I have some problem in redme2 phn is that when I insert memory card it does not showing I tried in varies phones it showed bt not showing in redme 2 will u plz tell me how can I solve this problem

      • my redmi mi 2 not connect to led tv and sometime automatic app are force stop. i have not received background masg some time..

  26. Hi,

    I have purchased the red mi 2 prime just 2 weeks ago, … this is the worst phone i have ever seen.

    any browser dont work properly… everytime it shows the connection time out..
    although the network signals always shows the H+ sign… google play store also dont work on this phone…

    shopping applications like myntra and flipkart also dont work properly.

    this is the worst phone.. there is no problem in network, because when i insert the same sim in another phone and makes the hotspot of that phone and connect the redmi 2 with wifi.. then all works fine with redmi 2..

    only the mobile sim internet doesnt work properly… and the phone without internet is a garbage…

    i suggest, please dont purchase this phone or please dont purchase any of MI phone..

    if someone has the solution of my problem, please met me know at negi.bobby@gmail.com or call me @ +91-9650404571


  27. while i was updating my remi 2 prime it suddenly struck at 99 percent and i have taken out the battery but now it is not starting it only shows with power off option now what should i do

  28. I have a redmi 2. but I am facing too many problems with this. the problems are
    1.calls are getting rejected automaticly.
    2.the lock screen is not coming even I tried pattern,pin or password.
    3.when I click the home key the home is not coming, but when I am pressing the key for some time the google now is launching.
    4.the notification bar is not working properly. the notification of SMS,calls and other is not coming to the notification bar.
    pls tell now what can I do? pls suggest me.

  29. actually in between while listening music the earphone are sroped working but after sone time they automatically they started …i dont what is the resion …plse help to sort out this problem

    • how to fix bootloop in xiaomi redmi 2? this was happend after root my phone.
      when i was powered on my phone mi logo is appered , after it couldn’t start my phone. it display only mi logo it didn’t start. so what can i do please tell me…

  30. Sir i hv bought redmi 2
    When i tried to do video recording on it i found that the audio quality is not good. When i tried to connect an external mic via the 3.5 mm jack it doesnt worked .
    So before making any huge investment i wanted to know that whether the Bluetooth and OTG external mic will work on it or not??????
    Plzzz answer fast
    Very urgent

  31. once i brought a redmi 2 i gave it to my friend for some days he created his own MI account and activated the phone

    but after he givin me the phone back he went to abroad
    i reseted the phone but now when i connect to the internet net it says that THIS PHONE WAS ALREADY CONNECTED TO A MI ACCOUNT GIVE THE PASSWORD

    so now i cannot access my phone

    plzzz tell me wat cn i do


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