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5 Tripods to Shoot Better Videos From Smartphone

Since smartphones are small, its anything but difficult to make undesirable cam shake when shooting handheld, and unless you’re shooting the next earthquake the shaky–cam look is presumably something you want to keep yourself away from.

Using a good tripod will make your smartphone more steady & simpler to hold while shooting good videos.

tripod for android phones


So here is the list our 5 all time favorite tripods to shoot better videos from smartphone

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GripTight Tripod

GripTight Tripod

Smartphone cam apps often provides options in settings for low-light/night shots and HDR that work OK in the event that you have a steady hand yet work truly well if you use a tripod. The GripTight tripod mount fits any smartphone on account of a spring-stacked hold, so its really simple to join both the smartphone and tripod and will hold the smartphone steadily regardless of the orientation (counting tilting the smartphone descending). Additionally, it overlap up for quick fitting in little pockets.

TiltPod Mobile Tripod

gomite tiltpod iphone

A smaller than expected, ball head tripod that attaches to your key-chain. Little, reasonable and convenient.

The Tiltpod Mobile tripod is designed for the iPhone 4 and 4S, replacing that screw head with an opened holster that is simply the right size for those handsets (until or they’re not in a fancy cover case). The attractive ball-head mount stays, permitting you a lot of space to tilt and turn the phone. What’s more, the “grippy” rubber base guarantees to give a tight grip on any sort of surface.

The only con of this cool tripod is that it is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch only.


GorillaPod pic

Joby’s GorillaPod adaptable tripods are portable, adaptable and great.


Pull up on the top jaw of the MPod. Slide your phone into the rubber treated support on the base jaw. Pull the top jaw up and over your phone, ensure your phone is inserted into the groove on the top jaw.

On account of its adaptable leg joints, MPod is extraordinary on pretty much any surface. Make a point to have one leg situated to one side of your phone, one leg to other side, and the last leg behind your phone in case you’re tilting it up, or the last leg in-front of your phone in case you’re tilting it downwards. You don’t need your MPod toppling over right amidst your most loved playlist or that clever YouTube video!

The best part is this tripod is compatible with most of the smartphones with tripod mount attachments.

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Manfrotto Pixi

Manfrotto Pixi

A lightweight mini tripod intended for smartphones and little cams. At the point when the legs are shut the Pixi can be used as a holder to catch smooth video. It is compatible with wide range of smartphones and cameras.

Dolica SG-100 -Handheld Grip Tripod

Dolica SG-100 -Handheld Grip Tripod


The Dolica Smart Grip SG-100 is one of the smartest tripod for your smartphone or cam. Single handed grip structure permits you to hold cam or smartphone with ease and steadily. It comes with foldout tripod legs for laying on any surface .


Do you use any of these tripods for making your cool outdoor videos from your smartphone ? Well, if you are interested in some serious smartphone video recording, investing in a tripod is kind of mandatory. In places where there use is not pragmatic, you can practice keeping your elbows close to your body to reduce motion blur.