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OPPO Files Patent Which Could Deliver Not So Expensive Bezelless Curved Displays

Updated on 2015-3-25: Look’s like OPPO R7 will be the first ‘Bezelless’ smartphones based on this new technology. Take a look at the leaked images added at the end.

Oppo has filed a patent for bezel less display technology, which could potentially bring ultra low bezel and curved glass displays to a more affordable price segment. Curved display tech in consumer devices started with phones like LG G Flex, but Samsung’s approach with ‘Edge’ devices makes much more sense.


Oppo’s new panel technology will allow companies to use a conventional display panel in curved display smartphone. The display panel will have a curved glass on top which will reflect light from the flat display below using Oppo’s light guiding technology. This curved layer over the display will also cover the bezels adjoining the display, making them invisible.

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Thus, the special panel will deliver edge to edge curved glass display, using conventional displays! This means you can expect these display to cost a lot less. All this sounds pretty interesting in theory, but in practice there is no way to know how well this would work.

It remains to be seen how efficient this light guidance system will be and how weather it will be possible to integrate full touch functionality without any distortion. The patent has been filled in China in December 2014, and perhaps it will still take another couple of years before we see this new technology in action. We have seen some wonderful stuff (like VOOC Rapid charging) emerge from Oppo labs before and it’s exciting to have a sneak peak into what they are cooking.

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[Update]: Freshly surfaced images of alleged Oppo R7, reveal a bezelless design, with extremely slim margins on the sides. vertical bezel are still there. The magic tech used should be the same aforementioned one for which patent was filed last year. Earlier leaks also tout a 4.85 mm thin design similar to Oppo R5. This could be a treat for those who cherish ultra-slims smartphones.



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