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A Week With Goqii Fitness Band – Be The Force [Initial Impressions]

It’s been a week since we first tried GOQii fitness band, which aims to be different than rest of the crowd, by offering a more personal touch to shape you up. We will eventually publish our full review, but here is how it feels after a week’s usage.


What is GOQii?

There are innumerable fitness bands to choose from today, but GOQii, is different. This unique fitness band comes with a coach, which is indeed its best feature, and the one you will be buying this for. The whole purpose of buying a fitness band is for motivation. You monitor your footsteps >> have a number to compete with >> beat that >> Feel Good , Aim even higher!

The theory works good when the band is new and you are enthusiastic for the new top. Once the novelty wears off, it could be another expensive toy lying around without much use. This is the issue GOQii promises to address with human interactions factored in.

How it’s Different from other fitness bands?

While other fitness bands track your day-to-day activity data, and rather focus on doing it more accurately,GOQii strive to make a difference by allowing you to interact with a health expert on daily basis, thus keeping accuracy secondary. You can get specific guidance based on your personal routine, diet habits, health conditions and medical history. Now, you will have to agree that personal care beats generic feed any day.

Basic Setup


You can buy the band and make an account using Android, iOS or Windows smartphone. The app asks for your details, prior medical conditions, fitness goals and allows you to choose a coach based on your interest. You can proceed with the instructions for pairing your band with your smartphone. The app then syncs your data and you are good to go.

How Does Coach Help?

The Coach you select fabricates a plan with your mutual consent for your development and offers reasonable suggestions to gradually improve your life style. The instructions and dietary plans i received from my coach have actually nudged and help me improve dietary habits, which make me feel a lot better today after a week.

The coach isn’t a hard hitting dictator, but a gentle guide who gives instructions you might not follow. When you miss your targets, he will motivate you to gently carry forward. This actually helps in keeping up with your fitness regime and improving.

How It Make Your Do More and Be The Force?

The band required you to enter several inputs manually. You will even, have to enter sleep mode manually. But all that is secondary here. After a week of usage, it doesn’t feel arduous any more. I am in fact, quite used to it and can better appreciate the positive aspects. Besides with progress you can earn Karma points, which you can use for charity and social welfare –another motivation for philanthropist in you.

Feel the Change and Be Summer Ready

After a week of usage, i find myself eating healthier and gradually progressing towards a nourishing  lifestyle. I haven’t gone for any drastic measure, neither my abrupt work schedule permits me to, but, overall i can   see myself progressing, and better equipped for the scorching Delhi summer that lies ahead.

Abhishek Bhatnagar

Abhishek Bhatnagar

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