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Check Smartphone Radiation Level Realtime With This App

We have always known that using headsets is always a better option when it comes to talking to someone using your smartphone. They say that your smartphone emits radiations and it is always safer to use loudspeaker or headsets while talking to anyone on smartphone. However, even if you happen to talk to anyone using your smartphone directly then it is recommended to keep the talking time as short as possible.


Due to these same reasons we prefer to buy a smartphone with lower SAR value, however experts infer that SAR value is not a reliable figure because it changes as per the way you use your smartphone throughout the day. Hence, they again go back to suggesting those same precautions which needs to be taken in order to reduce the radiation levels to which you are exposed.

Keep an Eye over the Radiation Levels

In this article, we are going to talk about an application named Tawkon which will track your smartphone calling and keep on recording the total number of minutes you spend while talking to others. You can also add your family members on this application, but for this they should also have this application on their smartphone.


Depending on the kind of media used by you for talking via your smartphone, it will pop up an alert on your smartphone. For Instance if you have been talking with someone on your phone for a long time, then it will beep up an alert, asking you to put the call on hold and use a headset or speaker to lower the exposure towards radiation.


It will provide with complete data record of you and your family members categorized between high exposure minutes and low exposure minutes.


Smartphone is a really helpful gadgets but then we need to use them efficiently so that they do not affect our health. This application is not heavy and hence can be a part of your smartphone to monitor the kind radiations your body is being exposed to while you taking calls on your smartphone. Let us know, if you have any wiser way to do this or if you have any opinion about it.


Abhinav Singh

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