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3 Ways to Reverse Tether Android, Share Android Mobile Internet

Tethering is used by several people and it is a beneficial way to share the Internet connection of your smartphone or tablet with that of a PC. Generally, a smartphone is tethered with a PC or laptop to share the connection of the phone to surf using the latter. At times, you might want to use the connection on your computer or laptop to help in browsing using your Android device. In such cases, reverse tethering of the Android device is possible and there are several ways to do the same. Here are some possible ways discussed to do reverse tethering.

Reverse Tether App

The Reverse Tether application requires you to simply connect your phone to your computer via a USB cable. It is easy to carry out the process using the application and the steps are elaborated in the application. The drivers of your smartphone that are installed on your computer are enough to make the application work. After getting the process done, you can simply plug your smartphone to your computer using a USB cable and you can enjoy the internet connection on the former. It is easy to setup this process, but your device has to be rooted for Reverse Tether to work.

reverse tether

Connectify 3

You can reverse tether your Android device using wireless connection and the process is easy to setup as well. It is more beneficial as it is not done using the USB cable and hence, you will have the mobility as your Android smartphone will not be attached to your computer using a cable. You will need an internet connection on your laptop or computer with Wi-Fi enabled.

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The Connectify 3 has to be installed in your laptop and you will have to write the desired connection name in the SSID. Setup the password you want for the connection and it select the network that you want to share. Also, select the encryption method after the entire process. Switch on the Wi-Fi on your smartphone and connect to the network you have setup.

connectify 3

Android Reverse Tethering

To reverse tether using Android Reverse Tethering, you will have to turn on USB Debugging on your device by going to Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB Debugging -> Turn On. Then, connect your Android smartphone to your PC. The next step is to open the downloaded Android Reverse Tethering tool, extract it and open the same. Now, open the AndroidTool.exe in the Android Reverse Tethering folder and select your device. You will have to choose a DNS to be used and check the DNS. Install the Hack Connectivity called fake Wi-Fi. Install the same and restart your mobile. Restart your device and activate the service by clicking on the Connect button to start with Android reverse tethering.

hack connectivity


These steps will help in enjoying the internet connection on your laptop or computer to browse on your Android smartphone with the help of Android reverse tethering options.