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WhatsApp Voice Calling Now Available Without Invites

WhatsApp voice calling will now be available for all, without any required invite! Yes, all you will need is the latest version 2.12.19. Apparently, WhatsApp is also pushing voice calling on some older versions, but if you can’t wait go ahead and download version 2.12.19 from APK Mirror or from WhatsApp’s website.


The new update brings with it the new UI with three tabs for calls, Chats and Contacts. The new interface is pretty much self explanatory. The WhatsApp Voice calling has been talked about a lot for the last one year and hopefully this will end the episode once and for all.

We have been testing WhatsApp voice calling for some time now and aren’t outright impressed with the service. Facebook’s messenger voice calling works much better for us. Since WhatsApp is now owned by Facebook, we can expect the improvements to roll over to WhatsApp camp sooner or later.

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WhatsApp managed to replace SMS across the globe and this is step one towards revolutionizing voice communication. WhatsApp already has over 700 million active users and perhaps with further improvement in quality, this could finally become as popular as the chat messaging service