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Add Money, Recharge Delhi Metro Card Online for Free

Delhi government has taken the initiative of recharging the Delhi Metro card online via their official website. Delhi Metro is the most widely used public commutation service and hence people usually go through huge queues at the service center to get their cards recharged or refilled with the right amount. However we all know that in this age of offers and reward point there is always a turn around which can help you to achieve discounts over these online recharge. In this article we will help you with a method of recharging your Delhi Metro card for free without paying for anything.

Recharge Delhi Metro card online for Free

Download an application named Offer World from Google Play Store.

Under the Offers tab you will see a list of applications against which a monetary value will also be mentioned. That monetary amount will be credited to you once you install that application on your smartphone.


That amount will be saved in that application and once it becomes at least 50 INR (which can be checked under Home tab), you use that amount to recharge your Delhi Metro card. You will have to enter the card number and the exact amount for the recharge (which should only be available in the multiple of 50 INR)


Before you start using this application you will have to create an account by entering your name, email address, mobile number and gender. This account will also keep the record of the recharges made by you.

Once you recharge the amount on to your Delhi Card, you will have to visit the nearest AVM (whenever you go to metro station next time) and get this recharge confirmed and then the amount will be credited to your card.


This is probably the best to promote the usage online Delhi Metro Recharge. Looking at such hefty discounts people will definitely prefer to use this application ‘Offer World’ and try to get their Delhi Metro cards recharged online most of time. However, in case you find this method tedious you can choose to visit the DMRC official website and recharge the metro card from there.


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