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Oppo Announces CapturePureImage Contest, Avail the Chance to Win a Mirror 3

Oppo has announced a “Capture Pure Image” photography contest on its official Facebook and Twitter handles in India. The contest will go on for three weeks starting from today. The winners will be judged based on the snapshots that capture their personality the best. Interestingly, Oppo will announce winners every week and they will get a chance to win an Oppo Mirror 3 smartphone each.

oppo contest


How to Participate

If you want to take part in this contest, you will have to visit an Oppo store or authorized dealer in person to experience an Oppo smartphone camera. After that, you will have to take your favorite handset to click a photo and upload it on the Oppo Mobile India official Facebook page. The photo you click should represent your individual style and personality. Also, you will have to say what you like to share about your favorite Oppo smartphone and how it suits your style accompanied with the hashtag #CapturePureImage.

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Pure Image has been developed by Oppo and it uses the latest PI 2.0+ technology that offers an intuitive pick-up and play format for users to covert their ideas to reality with the photos. Using photo sampling analysis of the scenes, Oppo has provided an extensive library including PI 2.0+ that will empower the image processing engine with a professional photographer’s experience. There are eight beautification modes, GIF and double exposure features as well. The value for money offering, Oppo Mirror 3 also makes use of the Oppo PI 2.0+ technology.