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5 Ways To Block Internet Access to Apps on Android

If you wish to selectively revoke internet access of certain Apps, at times either to save system resources, mobile data or as parental access or for some other reasons, there are apps which can be extremely useful. To take control of your device from apps, here are some tools you can use to control internet access on WiFi and Data connection.

NoRoot Firewall

This App is perhaps all you need to block internet access for selective apps. The app has a neat interface spread over different tabs. You can select if you want to grant internet access for individual apps on WiFi and on Mobile data by simply putting a check mark or a cross in front of each app in the list.


There is auto start on boot option too. You can look at pending access request and decide if you want to grant access to a restricted app in a particular case. The app works by routing all your traffic via proxy VPN and if you are extremely conscious about your privacy, you can choose not to share your internet data with NoRoot Firewall and try other apps.

Net Blocker


Net Blocker serves the same purpose efficiently. The app greats you with an how to page and claims that it does not stop apps accessing internet while running in the background. This means your Facebook app will be able to sync in the background but if someone tries to open it, internet access will be denied. The app doesn’t require root access and is available for free on play store.

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Permission Denied


Permission Denied will cost you 275 INR and requires root access, but it does what it does rather efficiently. You can restrict data usage for background apps. The app gives you a detailed overview of what permissions each app is using and explains them too. The app can be required to restrict certain permissions for particular app or to restrict one permission across all apps. You have to lock permissions and reboot to test changes.

LostNet No Root Firewall

LostNet No Root Firewall is another app which works on the same principles as NoRoot Firewall, but provides a few extra options which can be useful. The app also monitors malware on your device and notifies you of countries an app is communicating with. The pro version allows you to restrict access at night time or in office to save battery.


The app allows you to make separate profiles, to block ad networks, block apps communicating with specific malware prone countries, and do a lot more besides restricting internet access for apps.

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Mobiwol is another app you can use to deny internet access to certain apps. You can choose to grant or deny internet access while apps are in background. You can restrict mobile or WiFi access on application basis, be alerted when new apps access internet. The app works as well as other noRoot firewalls and provides a neater interface.


One of these apps will be good enough for whatever you are looking for. Most of these apps can be downloaded for free from Play Store. So go ahead and try these to know which suits you best.


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