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5 Ways to Take Perfect Selfie Which Gets More Likes and Shares

The trend of selfie has become integrated to our lifestyle. It all started since the manufacturers came up with advanced front cameras that were used at the front of the smartphones. With the ever-growing trend, you will be seeing a lot of selfies getting posted by your friends all over the social media. If you are interested in such selfies, and want to know some tips that will help in capturing perfect selfies, here are some tips.


Taking a selfie and uploading them is not too tough. But, you will have to make the selfie express your personality. This is possible by clicking the perfect snap. This is possible with the help of filters. The right filter can transform a basic selfie into a perfect one. A proper filter choice can blur the lips, give a glow to the skin and soften the blemishes. Remember that a wrong filter will make you look aged with fine lines.  Basically, the filter you choose should enhance your selfie and make it gorgeous. For instance, you can use the Instagram filters to enhance your selfie.



With the increasing trend of selfies, accessory makers have started coming up with selfie focused accessories. For instance, the Mono Pod or Selfie Pod is a tripod accessory that will help in clicking photos and videos of you anywhere and anytime. Also, there are selfie remotes that will help in capturing selfies. With the help of these accessories, you can capture the perfect selfie and share them with your friends.


Adequate Lighting

Usually, any photo will look good only when there is enough light. Hence, make sure the place is lit brightly. It is preferred to click selfies in natural light as it will make your selfie bright and clear highlighting your features. In darker environments, selfies may not turn out to be perfect and hence, check on the lighting before you proceed. Make sure light does not shine behind you when you click the snap.

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Camera Techniques

There are several selfie oriented features in cameras that are used in the smartphones. You will have to make a note of such features before clicking selfies. Some devices have LED flash at the front, whereas some will have a wide angle frontal lens to capture a wider selfie. Such aspects are very important to get a wonderful result.


Apart from sensors, the firms have incorporated exclusive selfie focused features in their offerings to render unique experiences to the users. For instance, Lumia Selfie comes preloaded in the Lumia lineup of smartphones and it lets in clicking a perfect selfie and automatically enhancing the same and sharing it. There are options to add high-quality effects as well. Also, HTC has the Eye Experience app that will let you to add selfie effects, take instant selfies using voice commands, adjust the selfie by enhancing your looks and so on.

lumia selfie

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To click a perfect selfie, you will have to take care of all these factors mentioned above. Also make sure your posing at the right angle and using the desired hardware.