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5 Ways to Record Professional Level Audio on Smartphone

Smartphones are very useful with almost all types of handy applications installed in them right from games for the entertainment purposes and mobile office applications to enhance your productivity. Sometimes, you might not give importance to those features that are most needed on smartphones. In fact, there are some features that the smartphones miss out and those features were available on the old feature phones. The function that we are pointing out here is audio recording. Recording audio with your smartphone is not too easy as there it deserves a trick to get better audio with the high end cameras onboard the smartphones.

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Notably, though the technology has improved, the quality of the record audio is not up to the mark as it is choppy and low tolerant to the disturbances from loud and chaotic environments. If you are looking to record high quality audio using your smartphone, here are some tips to record professional level audio using your smartphone.

Eliminating Distractions from Smartphone

Smartphones are multifunctional devices and there are increased chances for your recording to get distracted by a notification of an instant messaging conversation during recording. Thus, it is essential to check that you turn off the notifications or put the device in silent mode before carrying out the recording.


Proper Configuration of Phone

You need to play with your mobile settings a bit to get superior quality audio recording done with your smartphone. Most of the times, the recording options will be set to low quality that will lose the data due to over-compression. This happens to ensure that the recording do not use up a lot of the storage space in your device. If you are not concerned of the increased usage of storage space, you can increase the quality of the recording to the highest.

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Check for the Surroundings

The environment plays a vital role when it comes to audio recording. As each place is different, you will have to be aware of the place you choose before proceeding with the process of recording. It is pretty simple to check for the little sounds around you and hence, make sure you take a moment to check for the right surroundings before you start recording. You can try taking a short ample recording in the room to prevent mishaps during the post-production. Make sure you do not stand close to a distracting source such as an AC, window or doorway.


Use an External Microphone

Though there is an inbuilt microphone in your smartphone and the microphones are getting enhanced with every latest model, it is better to use an external unit. Fortunately, a lot of devices have a microphone or audio jack that can be used to plug in an external microphone to your smartphone. The usage of external microphones can increase the quality of your recording tenfold. Other than enhancing the quality, the external microphones with the sensitivity control feature will provide flexibility to obtain great recordings.

external mic

Using Tapes to Record in Loud Environments

Your smartphone’s microphone is not intended to tape the live performances as they are meant to be used as dictaphones. Eventually, when you record a loud event such as a performance of a band or a speaker in a meeting, the sound will be beyond the sensitivity range of the microphone and hence, some of the sound will not be registered. To help in such situations, you can use a tape and place it over the microphone of your device without forming any crease or air bubble. You can mute the input and record sounds as well. Notably, different types of tapes will product different results and it is recommended that you test the regular, duct, and paper tape.




These are some of the tricks or techniques that you can use to record professional audio using your smartphone. You can follow them and find out how useful they are in getting wonderful results.