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Use WhatsApp On An Internet Browser on Laptop or PC

WhatsApp is currently the most popular Instant Messaging application available over all the smartphone OS platforms, whether it is iOS or Android or Windows. Though, there are many more such applications (Line, WeChat, Hike etc) trying to give a good competition but still there is a huge difference between the penetration rate of all the other applications and WhatsApp. With such a huge target audience, WhatsApp has been working towards revamping itself again and again.

In the last major update, they launched the idea of blue ticks and now they have provide the convenience for using WhatsApp on your internet browser. In this article, we will tell you that how you can access your whatsapp chat on your laptops via any of the internet browser installed on it.

Open WhatsApp on your Desktop Internet Browser

Open Web WhatsApp on your Laptop and you should be able to see the whatsApp page as displayed in the image:


Once you are able to see the QR code in the Web whatsApp page, go to your Mobile, and Open WhatsApp

Tab on the three Dots displayed at the Top Right corner and select WhatsApp Web option.


As soon as you tab on WhatsApp option, you will be able to see the QR code scanner on you Mobile screen which need to be focused towards the QR code displayed at your Laptop screen.


Once the QR code is scanned successfully, you job is done. You can see WhatsApp on your computer screen and you start using it on your laptop/Computer.

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Whenever, we are working on our laptops or desktops we avoid looking into our smartphones again and again as it eats up most of our time. However, WhatsApp is something which has become the most common way to communicate with any other person on your Contact Book when you don’t want to call him or her. This feature will definitely help you to make it easier while chatting on WhatsApp. Stay Tuned to know more about such How Tos and let us know your opinion about this one.