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5 Things You Need to Know About Uber Auto Delhi Before Using It

After Uber Cabs, Delhi roads will now be flush with Uber auto, which is quite an interesting proposal for those who frequently use and find Auto Rickshaws more suitable. If you are a Delhite, you know how important Auto Rikshaws are to transportation ecosystem in this part of the world as they are more economical and better suited for short commute. Before you hail yourself an Uber Auto here are some things you should know.


How Does It Work


Download Uber app and register. Users can simply select the Auto option in App, then select pickup and destination location and request a ride. You don’t need to have minimum PayTM balance in your wallet.

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Cash Payment

This the first time Uber will be accepting cash payments. You can take your ride and pay when you reach your destination. In India, or rather most of asia, cash payments are important due to low credit card penetration, especially among youth. So with Uber Auto, the company has eliminated one big hurdle and increased accessibility many folds.

Pay Government Approved Fare


Uber will charge you metered fare for your rides. Again Delhites know how big a deal this is, as its very hard to convince Auto drivers to charge by meter rates, even after increased fairs. If it works as advertised, you will be saved from irksome negotiation routine for good. There is no booking fee or any other additional charge for Rider

Only in Delhi

Uber Auto service will be available only in New Delhi. Adjoining NCR regions of Haryana and UP, like Faridabad, Noida, Gurgaon can’t avail Uber auto rides as of now.

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You Have Got Options


Uber Auto is not the only Auto service you can request. OLA Taxi is also running a similar auto service in 6 cities including New Delhi. So if you see a ‘No Auto’ banner for your location on Uber App, you can still save yourself from bargaining with road side autos using Ola App, where payment is made via Ola Money Wallet. You can pay in cash too and you wallet money will not be debited. Ola charges an additional 10 Rupee as convenience fee.


Taxi service wars are heating up in India, and ultimately consumers will emerge as winners as competition increases. Uber is presently working under a no profit model, till authorities approve its license. Uber Auto will definitely help the company strengthen its roots in Delhi, something it is sincerely striving for.