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Turn off Auto Complete on Android, iOS and Windows Phone

The auto complete feature on smartphones and tablets makes it easy to browse the web and while typing instant messages and other purposes as the feature will predict the word that your are typing. Though it is useful, at times there could be issues with the auto complete feature as it holds all the details that you type including your personal information such as name and address. If you find this annoying all the time, you can turn off this auto complete feature on your smartphone. Here we have listed the ways to turn off the same on devices running on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

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Turn Off Auto Complete on Android

To turn off auto complete on your Android device, you will have to head on to the Settings menu and click on the Language and Input option. Now, you will get an option called Auto Complete or Auto Completion or Predictive Text. You will have to disable this option to turn off auto complete.


Turn Off Auto Complete in iOS

To turn off the Auto Complete option on your iOs device, you will have to launch the Settings app and open the General tab and select the Keyboard option. In this settings option, you will find Auto Correction and you need to turn it off.


Turn Off Auto Complete on Windows Phone

If you are looking to turn off the auto complete option that is annoying you on Windows Phone devices, you can do so by heading on to Settings -> Keyboard -> Typing Settings. Here, you will find the Auto Complete or Suggest Text or a relevant term and that option should be disabled.

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These are the steps that you will have to carry out to remove Auto Complete option from your smartphone. The steps are quite simple, and sometimes you will have to do it for every single language or keyboard that is used.