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5 Best Android Third Party Junk Cleaner Apps

Smartphones are an integral part of our existence today with us being totally dependent on them totally. But at the end of the day these smartphones are just electronic machines and like any other machine out there it needs to be cared for both on hardware as well as software front. With use smartphones tend to get slow due to junk accumulated in it over time.

This junk comprises of all the residual files and empty folders left behind after you uninstall an app or browser cookies and old apk files. All of you might have encountered software glitches or hiccups at point or another. But it is nothing to worry about. There are many apps to help you clean your smartphone of all the junk and clutter and run it as new. Here we are reviewing top 5 of them.

Clean Master

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No doubt Clean Master is one of the most downloaded app on Google PlayStore with more than 100 million downloads to its credit. The app comprises many innovative features and has nearly everything you can expect from a junk cleaning app. With an intuitive and easy to use interface it comes with many useful features. To begin with it deletes all the junk like cache and residual files boosting the speed and performance of your memory card.

Overheating smartphones has always been a pain and for this Clean Master comes with a built in CPU Cooler that detects and closes the app which is causing the smartphone to heat. Other than that it comes with a built in antivirus which keeps a check on all the viruses, Trojans, adware and spyware by scanning you device regularly. There is also a Memory Boost option that help to boost your apps and play games smoothly. You can directly boost your device directly from the home-screen using 1 Tap Boost. Not but the least it also has a App Manager to uninstall the apps that you do not use anymore and delete the residual files left behind.

DU Speed Booster

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DU Speed booster is the perfect choice for optimizing your Android smartphones and it claims to boost the speed of your phone by up to 60%. With more than 100 million downloads it comes with many advanced features to count on. It cleans up every single trace of junk and cache files. It has Game Booster feature which concentrates system resources to deliver a fascinating gaming experience. It’s Speed Accelerator function kill the apps and processes running in the background and also disable auto-start apps to increase speed and performance.

It has Trash Cleaner and Advanced App Manager feature which deletes all the caches and uninstall the apps you seldom use. The feature which gives it an edge over other apps out there is the DU Security which comprises of two very important features in the form of a permission manager and an antivirus scanner. You can scan every single app on your smartphone and review permission for every app installed on your smartphone.

History Eraser

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Using many browsers on your Android smartphone and do not want to navigate to each app separately to clear the browser history? History Eraser got that covered for you. It is best tool out there to delete the history on your Android device. With an awesome and easy to use interface it can clear almost anything that you can imagine with just one tap. It takes care of your privacy by deleting all the call logs and text messages.

Apart from clearing browser history this app can clear pretty much everything like Google search history, Gmail search history, Google map search history, clipboard data, YouTube search history to count a few. Apart from this it clears the cache files from the apps and has more than 10 million downloads to its credit.

App Cache Cleaner

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Worried with low memory warnings time and again? Facing memory management issues? Running out of application storage? App cache Cleaner is the app for you. It takes perfect care of your smartphone by cleaning it at regular intervals of time without you even knowing. It cleans all the cache files with 1-Tap and comes with auto clear and auto exit options. It is the sole reason that this app is downloaded more than 10 million times.


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CCleaner is a name every PC user must be aware of as it one of the most popular system optimization tool. CCleaner has made its way to Android and offers the same ground breaking features that if offers for PC’s. Besides, optimizing your smartphone by cleaning all the junk in a very safe way and remove all the clutter, it allows you to monitor your RAM usage. It allows you to keep your CPU usage as well as temperatures of the device in check with an easy to use interface. To top it off it fast and totally free from ads and uses very low memory.


There are innumerable apps on Google PlayStore that promises to optimize your smartphone and make it run faster as new. If you have used Junk Cleaner Apps which offers better features than those we have mentioned then please let us know via comment box below.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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