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Now Backup WhatsApp Chat History on Google Drive

Updated on 2015-5-13: After version 2.12.45, WhatsApp has removed this feature in later versions.

Whatsapp is undoubtedly the most popular Instant Messenger application available online. It has been working consistently to upgrade its feature and not let their competitors over run it. Recently we say that now you could make call to anyone over VoIP on WhatsApp, though the call quality needs a lot of work to be done, but still WhatsApp is now on the equipped with calling feature.

Whenever we plan to upgrade ourself to a new device, the only thing that stops us is the user generated data already available over our current device. WhatsApp chat backup has always been one of them because WhatsApp always generates the backup which could be either sent as a notepad on your email inbox or could be saved as a notepad file on your microSD card. With the recent update, WhatsApp has released the option of taking a backup of your chats on cloud. Now WhatsApp can automatically transfer the backup file on your Google Drive account. Let us go through the steps and the understand its benefits.

Backup Your WhatsApp Chat on Google Drive

Open the app and move to the Setting screen. Now, tap the Chat Settings options and look down for the option named Chat Backup.


Once you tap that option, you will be directed to the screen mentioned below. Under Google Drive Settings you can see there are lots of options which needs to have a value in order to enable this feature.


You will have to choose the Google Account which will be used for this feature and then set the frequency at which you would like to backup the chats. In order to save the cellular data it is suggested that you enable this feature only over WiFi.



This feature is basically letting all the WhatsApp user to store their chat backup files over a cloud storage thus allowing them to easily switch the devices whenever they want to. Let us know you opinion about this feature on the WhatsApp application and stay tuned to know more about such feature related to these popular applications.


Abhinav Singh

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