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5 Best Instant Lag Remover Apps for Android

Being an Android user most of us face lag/slow down issues with our Android Smartphones in day-to-day life. We keep searching for various alternatives search as phones with higher RAM, faster processor, large Internal memory and etc. But at the end all of these have a limit and once we cross this limit then no matter how much large is the RAM size or how much “Ghz” or multiple cores a processor has, it is ought to slow down.

The best solution so far discovered for this issue is Apps, So today I have brought you 5 different Apps with their different specialities and capabilities.

Anspeeder, lag remover


Anspeeder is probably the most simplest and effective App for removing lag from your Android Smartphone. It cleans RAM (i.e. your phone’s cache memory) and helps improves performance of your device finally accelerating it. Instantly you could notice some of these differences in you smartphone when you use it :-

  • Everything gets Fast
  • No more lags in your device
  • Improved transitions on your Android Smartphone

This app could be used probably on any Android device having Android v2.3 or up.

LagFix (fstrim)


Next If you have an Android Smartphone that’s rooted then you could have try with this one. LagFix , as the name suggest this app is specially designed to give you a lag free experience on your Android device. If you are using an older version of android and want to speed up your device, this App will help you do that just by removing old unnecessary system files. As per our research apart from just plain Android users it has even proved helpful for Cyanogenmod users.

This app could be used probably on any Android device having Android v2.2 or up.

Clean Master (Speed Booster)


Then we have with us the most famous and common cleaning App with us, Clean Master. I personally recommend this App as I have been myself using this App for over 2 years now. There are almost 400 million Smartphone users all around the world proffering this App and the reason is here :-

  • Simple to use
  • Super Fast and Super-smooth UI
  • 500% faster than most paid Antivirus Apps
  • CPU Cooler lets your device close unnecessary Apps and allow it to cool down and last longer on battery grounds
  • Efficient Junk File Cleaning
  • 1 Tap Memory Boost Feature

and much more…

This one is available for almost all the versions of Android, but it basically depends upon the device.

Game Booster & Launcher


Very often while playing games on your Android Smartphone, your devices slows down and that’s what irritates you the most right?

Well then Game Booster is best app for your sorrows. The App frees up your device’s memory before launching the games, boosts the game or apps, and makes them run smoother. Even many of the reviews in the Google Play Store claim for its successful operation and application.

One of the heaviest Android game – Asphalt 8, has also been claimed, now to working with great smoothness and lag free, high quality graphics with just this App.

This is available to any Smartphone having Android v2.1 and above.



And the last one is Seeder. Lagging has now become a part of almost every Android device. Whether its playing games like Subway Surfers or running in Temple Run 2, there’s a mere chance that you might not be facing substantial amount of lag. For this reason I guess there’s Seeder which could handle your smartphone’s performance, tuning, power management control, and an optional MMC I/O queue extension/timing change. And the most important point which is not to be forgotten is that, its for the rooted Android devices.

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The Android world is too large, there are numerous number of apps out there, it might be possible that you find an App that’s better than these 5, in that case you are most welcome to drop in your reviews/comments in the comments section below.

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