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Windows 10 Phones will be able to turn into Desktops

Today, Microsoft disclosed one of the most awaited features of Windows 10 at BUILD Developer conference. Since Windows 8 we have been waiting for Microsoft to enroll an OS upgrade which will be common across all the Windows devices available in the market. Windows Desktop OS is the most adapted OS across the globe and no one can question this fact. Most of the professionals working across the globe spend most of their time with this OS and hence it will not be a problem to say that they are highly familiar and dependent over it for any day to day professional or personal tasks.

This new feature disclosed today has been called as continuum, which says that all the Windows devices will have a similar OS platform across them. So if you have been working on a Windows 10 laptop in Office and saved some files over SkyDrive, you can anytime connect your Microsoft smartphone with a larger display using HDMI port, connect it with wireless mouse and keyboard and start working on those files anywhere and at anytime. Basically, your smartphone will work like a CPU of your work setup, which just needs to be connected with other peripheral devices in order to complete its task.

This initiative is something which will abruptly increase the adaptation of Microsoft Smartphone or tablets throughout the global market. The preview release of this OS is about to come tomorrow and then we will get to know more details about it. The applications which will be developed for desktops or laptops will be intelligent enough to scale themselves as per the device screen size, hence you wont feel any difference while working on a laptop or smartphones. Hence, editing anything on an excel, PowerPoint or document will never be a problem any more on these new smartphones or tablets.

Let us know your opinion about this feature and stay tuned to know more updates about this new OS. We at GadgetsToUse believe that this feature will be highly revolutionary as all the new smartphones launched by Microsoft these days are upgradable to Windows 10 and hence its adaptability will be very high as soon as this OS gets launched.


Abhinav Singh

Abhinav Singh, a software engineer who is very much interested in social engineering. He is responsible to manage all the social media profiles of Gadgets To Use. He also has a hobby of tracking new apps and gadgets and to share them with our readers as well.