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OnePlus Power Bank 10,000 mAh available at 1,399 INR on Amazon India

OnePlus one is already a huge hit in the market. At such a low price, OnePlus One with cynogen mod is a great combo for performance lover in this price range. The most common Smartphone accessory which has been gaining some popularity this year is the Power Banks. No matter how much battery you smartphone, its convenience for the users vary as per their usage. Nexus 6 has 3200 mAh of battery but if you will use that device aggressively, it will not last a day. The same story is applicable for other devices also, it totally depends on the way a user uses that device.


Hence, the only solution to this more battery demand is power banks, you can carry them in your bagpacks all the time. They are really helpful if you are mostly travelling through out the year. We all know that OnePlus rules the market with the help of Cost Leadership. They have launched a power bank named as OnePlus Power Bank which has capacity of 10,000 mAh. Though we already have its competition by Xiaomi at 999 INR, but it is mostly unavailable to the users.

We hope that OnePlus will work towards its availability and will not disappoint their users. This power bank will be charged in 5.5 hours with the input of 5V and 2A. This power bank will have 2 USB ports, something we have not seen in Mi Power Banks. These two USB ports will be able to charge the other devices with 2A current level, which means that all the other Android devices (including phablets and tablets) along with Apple portable device can be charged with this product.

The weight of this device is just 220 grams something exceptional considering the weight of other powerbanks and it does not have any button to show the charging levels. The moment you shake that device the LED indicators will glow up showing you the charging level of the power bank. You will also get a 1 Year warranty from OnePlus and it will be available exclusively on Amazon India for 1,399 INR. Stay tuned as we will post a video after using this device.


Abhinav Singh

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