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Asus launches 10050 mAh ZenPower Power Bank

Here we are again to report about another powerbank by a renowned brand named as ‘Asus’. Well, Asus has been gaining a lots of publicity because of their recently launched flagship device named as Asus Zenfone 2. This device is fully capable to attack OnePlus One and Xiaomi Mi4 in their price domain. Asus has somehow taken this fight to the level of powerbank also. Recently the sales of this mobile accessory has been reported to be quite substantial as battery is something for which every Android user has been cribbing about for a long time. These power banks actually help you recharge your smartphone at any point of time.


This power bank has been named as Asus ZenPower. Its battery capacity is 10050 mAh but that’s not the main feature of this device. Usually power banks which are available in the market are not portable at all. They are heavy and have high thickness which makes it a little difficult to carry without any bag.

This power bank by Asus has been given the shape of a credit card and it also weighs only 215 grams, something which is similar to the weight of your smartphone. So, we can clearly see that portability is the major factor on which Asus has focused on while producing their power bank. It also offer high-speed charging with the help of its one 2.4A USB port. It has an LED indicator to show the level of charging of that power bank and a micro-USB port to get charged quickly.

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It is quite obvious that these days users prefer to carry their wall charger but lets accept the fact that using your smartphone while it is being charged with wall charger is quite annoying. Hence if not now then you will need a power bank at sometime in future (unless these smartphone batteries scale up). Stay tuned with us to know more about such new power banks coming up in the market.