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Yu HealthYU Tracks Important Vital Parameters Of Your Body

As we expected, Micromax finally jumped into the space of wearable with their new innovative device known as HealthYU. This device mainly looks like a cassette. Such shape has been designed mainly to keep that device portable. You will have to attach this device with you smartphone and as soon as you hold it, it will start reading the vital parameters of your body. The amount of time it will take you to read the required data is only 30 seconds and that will be enough for this device to provide you with the required health card.


It is capable to capture ECG, skin temperature, Respiration rate and blood oxygen levels of your body. The kind of sensors available on the device are approved by the concerned authorities. It uses 1-Lead ECG mechanism to gather the data related to ECG, then it uses NTC thermoresistor to measure the skin temperature. SpO2 technology will be used to gather the information related to oxygen level in your blood.

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This is one of the gadgets of which Indian users are not familiar with. Mostly, wearable have always been about bands or watches but this different. This one is only dedicated to note down the body vitals in real time which can be shared with your family friends or doctors at any point of time. Another important feature about this device is it is open to be used with any other Android device. You just need to install YuFit app on your device and you will be able to use this anywhere and any time.

All the data which will be recorded by this device, will be stored over your cloud storage. You will be able to purchase this device from next month from the offical website of YU devices. It has been priced at 4,999 INR, which is quite competitive especially when it is first of its kind in the Indian Wearable market. Lets see how well does it work with the Indian consumers, so stay tuned to be updated about its availability.

Micromax HealthYU Hands on, Features and Overview [Video]

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