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What Kind of Smartphone Insurance Do You Need

Today, people across all sections of society are willing to spend generously on their next smartphones. Not only is it a status symbol, but a genuine necessity to stay connected and to be more productive. Since you carry them with you at all times, accidental damage or theft is a very real possibility. So should you insure your smartphone or will it be a waste of your money?


What is covered in smartphone insurance?

Smartphone insurance safeguards you from accidental damage, thefts and in case your unit turns out to be the bad apple. Any technical fault post warranty period is covered by mobile phone insurance.

Here is what smartphone insurance covers:

  • Theft
  • Fire
  • Riot, malicious damage, strike and terrorist activities
  • Accidents
  • Unexpected damage

Are you totally secure after insurance?

Unfortunately no. The most common case of smartphone loss, i.e., lost while traveling is not covered under insurance. But that is not all. Even if some steels your phone from your pocket while travelling or perhaps if you are careless with it and leave it in your car when it gets stolen, most insurance companies won’t accept your claim.

What Smartphone insurance does not cover?

  • Smartphone lost during transportation
  • Phone accessories and batteries are generally not covered.
  • If someone else has your phone when it gets damaged
  • Damage due to overload or experimentation
  • Loss or damage due to war or nuclear perils, loss by water or from any water-borne activity.
  • If you delay reporting the damage beyond a certain time period (usually 2 days)

Is it same as extended warranty?


No, smartphone warranty cads available won’t cover you against theft. In fact, most of these won’t cover anything more than technical glitches which you encounter during normal course of usage. Once again, it is very important that you go through all terms and conditions before you place your order.

How to ask for claim in case of damage or theft?

In case your phone is stolen, you will have to file an FIR within first 48 hours. For any other damage, you will be required to submit your invoice with IMEI number within 48 to 72 hours to file your claim.

Is insurance worth it for you?

Most companies, charge 15 to 20 INR premium per 1000 INR. If you lose your phone within first 90 days, you will get full value for your money. From 90 to 180 days, 25 percent value will be depreciated. Beyond 180 days, 50 percent of the cost is depreciated.


On the whole, it won’t cost you a bomb, but benefits will be limited. You should stare long and hard at terms and conditions before you proceed.

That depends on the kind of consumer you are and the price of gadget you own. If you are naturally clumsy and are sure to drop your phone every now and then, it is wise to invest in some kind of insurance. No company will cover you 100 percent, but if you crack your display or anything else, you will have to pay a lot less.

If you have an expensive gadget and constantly fret damage or theft, insurance could bring some peace of mind. If your handset is more than 6 month old, or of little value, you can avoid going through the rigmarole. If you want to insure your investment, make sure do ask for insurance at the time of purchase as most companies won’t insure you if you delay or the process will be complicated.


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