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UCBrowser Allows Your Smartphone To Access The Internet Connection On Your Laptop

UCBrowser is one of the most popular browser available over Google Play Store, which also means that there already so many users using this app. This is mainly due to a fact that there are so many plugins available with this applications which make it really easier for a user to browse with a nice experience.

Features like improving the speed of a browser or saving cellular data or similar other features have been the core strength of this application. Moreover, it has a long list of ad-ons which can be used by other users to enhance their browsing experience over smartphones.


However, UCBrowser has never been limited to the portable devices, it has equally popular for the laptops user as well. Recently UC Browser has been upgraded to version called 5.0 wherein it will also be able to provide the users with an access to WiFi Connection which has already been used by your laptop.

There are many times, when you can access a hotspot only with the help of your laptop or sometimes we also have a limit of connecting a device with the same hotpot. This is where this new feature of UCBrowser will help and allow the users to access the internet of your Laptop by installing a virtual WiFi router on your laptop.

I am sure that more of you have been using a dedicated application for this feature but now this browser will take care of it. Apart from everything that has been mentioned above you can use this feature any time in order to lower the usage of your cellular data on smartphones or tablets. So, if you have not been using this browser till now then you can download it from their official download link. Stay tuned with us to know more about such updates related to these popular applications.


Deepak Singh

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