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This New Feature Makes Google Chrome For Android So Much Better

One of our favourite feature for Android M was “Google Now on Tap”. While that is still reserved for Android M, Google has brought the next best thing to Chrome App for Android, Tap to Search or “quick answers to quick questions”


Now when you select a word or combination of words, a google search page result is shown on the bottom, which you can drag up for more info on the subject. This means if you are looking for a word meaning, you can just select it and drag up the Google page and then revert back to whatever you were reading.

Earlier you could highlight text and tap on search from the action bar, but that would take you to new tab, and then you had to choose and tap the relevant result from the search page. The new Tap to search feature won’t break your continuity and is so much better.

Apart from Google Now on Tap, Android M also allows developers to add custom chrome tabs to apps. This means, if you tap on a web link, instead of transporting you to a web browser, it will take you to a floating chrome tab, right on top of the app. The new chrome features follows the same philosophy.

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Since Chrome can see the page you’re searching from, it can give you more accurate search results. For example, just tapping on “America” on the page below shows a search about the movie “Captain America: Civil War”, not the country. Just slide up to see more information—news, cast, images and more.”Explains Google Chrome Blog


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