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Micromax Jailbreak Event Live Blog

Micromax is all set to begin its jail break event and we will add some live updates here and you can also watch the official live webcast on Micromax website. Micromax is rumored to be launching Canvas 5, but this could very well be something else. Stay tuned, event starts in 30 minutes.


#JailBreak LIVE Webcast!

12:15 PM – Vineet Tanuja has taken the stage, the event has started

12:16 PM – He is talking about Micromax Journey so far,  Micromax “Firsts” and more. It has been a remarkable journey

12:18- Micromax is among top 10 global brands, Applause!

12:20 – Another first from Micromax coming today?

12: 20 PM – Micromax will be focusing on innovative ways to improve after sales support, It is About time

12:21 PM – A new phone! Micromax Silver 5, an extremely slim phone!

12:22 PM – It is 5.1 mm slim, end to end. That’s more than Vivo X5 Max, but Micromax claims there are no bumps which makes this the slimest phone every

12: 25 PM – Micromax takes digs at Gionee, not the first time

12: 27 PM – Wait, it can take a few drops too, claims vineet. It is also the lightest phone weighing just 97 grams!

12: 28 PM – Micromax makes a cheeky remark at Apple too, its lighter than an Apple

12: 30 PM – Amoled screen is used to achieve this slim profile

12: 30 PM – Gorilla Glass 3, 0.4 mm thick – Check

12: 30 PM – Aircraft grade Aluminum – Check


12: 31 PM – Micromax elaborates Manufacturing process and claims to use the fastest CNC machine used in the manufacturing. Doesn’t really matter at consumer end though.

12: 32 PM – Snapdragon 410, 2 GB DDR3 RAM, 4 GB RAM inside. This shouldn’t be TOO expensive

12: 34 PM – Micromax is using Sony IMX219 sensor with Blue Glass filter, same sensor as Mi4 front camera. Micromax is highlighting the Pro Mode here. No camera bumps.

12: 35 PM – Dirac HD Sound, Immersive sound. We will believe it when we test it

12: 40 PM – Vineet claims the 2000 mAh battery lasted one whole day on heavy usage. A tall claim but believable.

12: 40PM – Airtel double 4G Data, same as Canvas Knight 2 also an option

12: 41 PM – Slide said 98 grams, while Micromax claimed 97 gram. arh doesn’t matter though 🙂

12: 42 PM – Now on Service, Door step service. They will collect it from your home or office, repair it and deliver to your home within 7 days.

12: 43 PM – The price is 17,999 INR … No drama this time…. i don’t think so.

12: 44 PM – Wov, Hugh Jackman is back! last time he promoted Canvas Turbo back in 2013

12: 45 PM – Yup, the price is final, its 17,999. Micromax moves on to Marketing trailer.

12: 47 PM – Availability starts in July.