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Xolo Teases First ‘Black’ Smartphone With Dual Rear Camera

Domestic manufacturer Xolo will step up its game, an enter online exclusive space with ‘Black’ an upcoming brand, which will sell on Flipkart, but won’t follow the tedious Flash sale model.


Xolo has teased the upcoming smartphone in a video teaser, which you can see at the end of this post. Primarily the teaser focuses on stain and smudge free display, but the smartphone image interestingly shows an LED flash flanked by dual camera setup on the rear surface.

Now, the dual rear camera thing isn’t exactly a new thing. HTC broke grounds with the duo cam thing last year with HTC One M8, but failed to evoke any devotion from HTC loyalist and the feature was flung aside in the One M9 which succeeded it.

More recently, we saw the duo camera structure in Huawei Honor 6 Plus and this time too it was used to deliver bokeh effect aka background defocus. However, Xolo’s offering will almost certainly be the least expensive off the three. It remains to be seen how innovatively Xolo implements the duo-cam setup.

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Besides, you can also spot rounded edges and a SIM card tray on the side edge, which implies unibody design. This will be a 64 bit 4G LTE handset from Xolo and which will run Android 5.1 Lollipop based Xolo Hive 1.5 UI.

Xolo plans on selling one new phone every quarter in Black series and the first one shall arrive very soon.

BLACK by XOLO – Official Teaser Video