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5 Reasons USB-C Port on One Plus Two is a Good Idea

OnePlus, the Chinese startup that took the world by surprise last year by launching oneplus one with insanely great specs and with a very low price, will soon launch its next flagship phone. The company has had a good run in the market for the last one year, selling about a million One smartphones. The company gave a tag to their phone last year of a “Flagship Killer” which implied that the at par phone for a very low price compared to the major manufactures. The company started to tease its next flagship a few week back with an announcement that the OnePlus Two will be powered by a snapdragon 810 and later on 25th July announced it revealed that the OnePlus 2 will be “the first global flagship smartphone sporting this breakthrough technology.” Here are some reasons why USB-C Port on One Plus Two is a Good Idea


Latest Tech

With the Oneplus One the company proved each and everyone that they can deliver great phones that can compete with the big players like Samsung in the smartphone sector but Samsung has not reached where they are in the market with their good phones only a big reason they hold their number one podium spot is because of their innovation and lead in technology. The USB-C will render similar benefits for the OnePlus. Yes, Oneplus can’t sell as many phones than Samsung because of their nascent stage and limited reach, but through this they can surely make a very solid impression and get brand recognition for them selves in the coming year.


#OnePlus2 will be the first flagship to use Type C USB. We want to lead the way in power connectivity.


The speed offered by OnePlus two’s type-c cable has still not been released officially as we have gone through all the posts by the company related to that topic and we have not at all found any mention speed but Oneplus has mentioned that they have filed a patent related to this technology and have a surprise for the launch event so we can expect it being related to the speed. Assuming that the cable is able to produce the standard USB-C speed of 10 Gbps, it will be a huge step up from what its predecessors used to offer. Thinking of the USB 3.0 that could only reach 4.8 Gbps for data transfer – and this was already 10 times more than the 2.0 – this is really fast.

Thanks to this feature, you can create backups and restore data a lot faster. Think of a hard reset that really needs to be done as quickly as possible. If you have the USB-C connector handy, this can be done in just a few minutes. Once the factory reset is completed, you can also start using the device quicker, since restoring the files won’t be too much of a hassle anymore.


Unlike older USB cable, The new port is reversible, which means you will manage to plug it in every-time. This feature will surely help in improving the customer experience and also this is a much needed change as the current type of ports are a mess to plug in the night in dark through this we can plug it a bit easily Just like Apple’s Lightning cable – No more fumbling to plug it in the right way.

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The USB-C Power Delivery specification ups this power delivery to 100 watts. It’s bi-directional, so a device can either send or receive power. And this power can be transferred at the same time the device is transmitting data across the connection. With Google also trying to make USB-C an standard with the upcoming “Android M” it will be a real big advantage for Oneplus over other manufactures.

#OnePlus 2 users will be future proof when Android M and USB-C meets.

Multi Usage

The new port can deliver audio and video signals via DisplayPort technology through a connector which can convert the usb-c port practically in any output port. With the time the usb-c post becomes more and more popular more the connectors price will come down and that will eventually be good for the development. The port in theory is so powerful that in future we will definitely see some really good thing coming through that port.

Wrap Up

Amazing how many things a simple port can change, right? By looking at all these perks that USB Type-C brings, it definitely makes sense to consider this aspect when thinking of buying the second-generation OnePlus 2. However, this could be one of the reasons that could potentially increase the price for the upcoming device.