We are living in a modern age where almost everything is going digital. Be it Doctor, Housing Properties, Government and Bank services and what not. Do to this digitalization the paper work has highly been reduced as a measure to save paper and save environment.

Do you remember the Business Cards which two business associates from different companies exchange when they meet each other first time. Well in a short-span of time a Business Associate gets a whole pile of Business Cards from different companies. Also he finds it difficult to search for the card he really needs at a particular moment when he is looking to connect with that particular company due to his big un-tidy pile of Business Cards.

Could there be a simpler way to keep record of those Business Associates of various companies without getting heavy loads of Business Cards bundled up on your work desk.

Yes, there is. You could use your Smartphone to scan those Business Cards and keep a record of it. Today I have brought 5 free apps for your Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices which you could use to Scan and manage Business Cards effectively.

CamCard (For Android, iOS and Windows Phone users)


Let’s start with the world’s most popular Business Card Scanner App – CamCard. This app is currently used by around 100 million people worldwide. The app is available on all Smartphone platforms (i.e. Android, iOS and Windows Phone). Using this app users could simply scan the new business cards which they get whenever they meet a new business associate.


  • Using the free version users could scan up to 200 new cards.
  • This app is available for use by users on all Smartphone platforms (i.e. Android, iOS and Windows Phone).
  • This app is capable of recognizing upto 17 different languages written on Business Card.


  • Due to some bugs the app is not able to always perfectly read and place the details of a business card in right place.

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Business Card Reader Free (For Android, iOS and Windows Phone users)


Business Card Reader Free is the next most popular and prominent app in scanning Business Cards. The app has been developed by ABBYY and works with extreme  simplicity and ease. Users can use this app to scan the new business cards and they can even transfer or share various scanned business cards stored in their smartphone’s with whoever they meet.


  • This app is capable of recognizing upto 22 different languages (upto 3 different languages on a single card) written on Business Card.
  • The app does Quick and accurate using worlds best OCR (Optical Character Reader) developed as ABBYY Mobile OCR.
  • The app allows users to share their digital business cards even on cross Smartphone platform smoothly.


  • At times due to unknown reasons the Camera failed to properly recognize the coloured and shiny areas on a Business Card.
  • The app is notorious to continuously frustrate its users by asking them to buy the premium version.

ScanBizCards Lite (For Android and iOS users)


ScanBizCards Lite is the next Business Card Scanning App in our list. This app is probably the easiest way to capture images of Business Card with just a single Tap. The App enables the scanned cards to sync online on your email id so that you can access your Business Cards on all your devices. The ScanBizCards App is currently available for Android and iOS users.


  • The app does it job perfectly to scan the organize the details given on the Business Card.
  • Its simple and light as it avoids various un-necessary junks.
  • The app gives 99% scanning accuracy rate.

Business Card Reader Highrise (For Android users only)


Business Card Reader Highrise is a Business Card Scanner app which is exclusively available only to the Android users. This app comes with a free cloud storage. So all you need to do is just scan the Business Card and it will automatically upload to the Highrise CRM system and you will be free form the fear to loose your important details ever. Users could fill in details such as Personal info, Company’s info as an addition to the details given on the card.


  • The app is so fast that you could actually scan up to 20 Business Cards in a single minute.
  • Users could add additional details like the Personal info and Company’s info of the person from whom they get the Business Card.


  • The user interface is out-dated and is boring to use.
  • In case of loss of app its difficult for normal users to retrieve data from Highrise CRM system.

Business Cards Info (For Android users only)


And here’s our last app – Business Cards Info. Well this app is something which you might just be looking for- a free app, hassle free usage, easy to store, easy to scan and lot more features. The app has a really interesting User interface which most users are sure to be liking.

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  • Using this apps users can easily scan, store and merge business cards with pre-stored details.
  • With this app users get Accuracy and Speed both at the same time.


  • Due to some major bugs in the app various Mobile Antivirus apps do rate it as a virus.
  • Its mandatory for every user to register in order to use this app.


Each of these apps have their own pros and cons. But one thing is for sure that in this age of digitalization you surely would need something to digitalize every un-necessary load around you. And when it comes to Business Cards, then these apps are the best. Do share your reviews and Feedback in the Comments section below.

Abhinav Singh, a software engineer who is very much interested in social engineering. He is responsible to manage all the social media profiles of Gadgets To Use. He also has a hobby of tracking new apps and gadgets and to share them with our readers as well.


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