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5 Ways to Not Kill Battery on Android

Smartphones with 3000+ mAh capacity are common site these days and have trickled down to affordable price range. Heck, we even have a dual battery smartphone from Gionee. Since our smartphones are taking center stage and connect everything smart around us, we will always need more battery. Here are some tips you can use to improve battery backup on Android.

Optimized Apps


Rogue apps and app clutter is a primary cause for battery drain. You can use better optimized apps like Opera Mini browser which is light and fast and lenient on your smartphone battery.  Prefer light apps if you are not satisfied with your battery performance and periodically run cleaners like CleanMaster to get rid of junk app data.

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Disable Auto Brightness, and Other Stuff too

Turning off Auto brightness, and its replacement, adaptive brightness in Android Lollipop and later can also improve your battery backup by a margin. While you are at it also reduced the display time out to around 15 seconds. Display consumes most battery in your phone.


Then again, it is wise to disable preloaded apps you don’t use and features in App you rarely use, especially apps which are always active in the background. You can display these apps from App info page. (Settings>>Apps>> All Apps).

If it has been a while, invest some time in spring cleaning and remove apps and services you no longer use. You should also disable location, NFC, Bluetooth and Data when you are not using them.

Turn Off Auto Updates

Google is judicious with auto updates, especially with later Android versions but you are still better off with the auto updates turned off. Go to Google Playstore and tap the menu button. Here you can go to settings and uncheck box against auto updates.


You can also turn updates off for individual apps by pressing the meny button on individual app page on Google Playstore,as shown in the image above.

Switch Off WiFi at Night


Every ounce of your existence might resist it, but learn to switch off your WiFi when you sleep. Switch to do not disturb mode when you sleep and you will manage to prolong your battery life and squeeze in a few more hours of sound sleep. You can also use apps like WiFi Automatic to automate the process.

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Monitor your cellular signal


Your SIM card can significantly affect your battery life. When we are testing smartphones, we see a major noticeable difference in battery life with SIM card plugged in and with SIM card removed. If your Cellular operator signal strength is poor in the area you mostly reside, you should consider switching carrier.

Bonus Tips

  • Use dark themes and dark background if you have an Amoled display
  • Use battery saver mode whenever you are occupied otherwise
  • Turn off Google Now Hot word detection
  • Go to developer options and turn off animations.
  • Try using a 2 Ampere fast charger

5 Ways Not To Kill Battery on Your Smartphone


These are some effective ways you can use to extend your battery backup. You can adopt all or a few selected ones based on the severity of your situation. If you are buying a new phone, look for ones with battery saver mode (Included in all Lollipop devices) and rapid charging supported.


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