This is a sensitive world and as the digital technology around us is growing day-by-day, So is growing the chances of its vulnerability. Daily in your Workplace, Schools, Colleges, even at home we don’t want our personal/private space to be interfered by an un-wanted person. The most vulnerable things we have with us is our Smartphones which we easily forget and leave here and there at times and then there’s chance that a person could view your personal files.

Helping you making protect your secret private things from these un-wanted people today I have brought 5 different kinds of App lockers for your Android Smartphones using which you could easily safeguard your private files from un-wanted/un-authorized access.

Photo & Video Locker


Photo & Video Locker is the app which will help you protect your private photos & videos. There are a lot of your personal photos and videos which you might not wish and un-wanted person to see or mis-use in that case this app is for you. Using this app locker you could protect your unlimited photos & videos in a secret file, the file could be locked using a pattern lock or a numeric lock, whichever you prefer to use.


  • The User-interface is attractive and user-friendly.
  • Users are free to store as many number of Photos & Videos they wish to keep protected.
  • When you wish to re-access the secured photos, all you need is just 3 simple clicks to access the file.


  • Due to bugs some users have reported that few of their stored photos have vanished from the secured folder by itself, when trying to find those images, the app says “input/output error”.
  • Even though the app claims to be able to store unlimited photos and videos but after a few photos and videos, no more could be uploaded in the secured file.

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Safe Gallery Free


Safe Gallery Free is another for keeping safe the images/videos in your Android Smartphone’s Gallery. Using this app you could keep your gallery protected in a special protected folder which could be locked using – pins, password & pattern lock options.


  • The is great for organizing and storing your secured photos & videos in a systematic manner.
  • The app allows you to protect your photos and videos using – pins, password & pattern lock options.
  • One special feature of this app is that by dialing #789 you could even “Hide the App itself”.


  • Once after hiding the app by dialling #789, its hard to figure out “how to get back the app/unhide it’”.
  • The app secured photos & videos come back in your Smartphone’s Gallery once you restart your Smartphone.



Now here’s an all-round app locker for which everyone would have been looking for – AppLock. This is presently the most popular app locker available worldwide which is preferred by 100 million users in over 50 countries and works in 24 different languages. You can use this app to lock your SMS, Contacts, Gallery or any other app present in your Android Smartphone.


  • This is an all round app locker which you could use to lock your SMS, Contacts, Gallery or any other app installed in your Smartphone.
  • This app is available in over 50 countries in 24 different so no matter in almost which part of the world you are living, you could download and use this app.
  • Using this app you could even secure selected images in a specified secured vault in the app, all of this which is protected by easy to use pin passwords.


  • Although this is a wonderful app but it is so vulnerable that it can’t protect itself. That is when any one wishes to access your secured files, then he could simply un-install this app from your smartphone without any restriction and access your sensitive information.
  • Even after securing a few apps, for the first few times anyone could easily open that app as no password is asked by app for providing the access.

Message Locker


Searching for an exclusive app to protect your messages from un-authorized access, Message Locker is the best app you could find for this purpose. This app has a really interesting user-interface, which any user would be delighted to use. All you need to do is just tap on your Smartphone’s Messaging apps and then set the password and its done.

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  • Once installed the app intelligently detects all the messaging app on your Smartphone and asks you if you wish to lock them.
  • This is a fast and easy to use app using which all you need to secure a messaging app is just one tap on the apps list.
  • In case you forget the password then you could recover your password using the “Email Password Recovery” option.


  • There are a few un-specified bugs which need to resolved by the app developers, apart from that the app performs quite well.

Message Lock


Message Lock is similar another app to secure the messaging apps of your Smartphone. If in the previous you think there are some missing features then this one would surely fulfil all of them. One of the best features of this app is this app has an “Android Market” option which when enabled then this app couldn’t be un-installed without entering a secured password.


  • The “System Settings” option when enabled will prevent from any of the app settings being changed by any un-authorized person without a password.
  • The “Install App” and “Uninstall App” option when enabled will prevent any messaging app being installed/uninstalled by any un-authorized person without an authorized password.


  • If some one keeps your Smartphone Switched off for some duration the automatically all the messaging again get un-protected.


All of the above mentioned apps are best in their fields however the one which i prefer myself is AppLock as because its an all round app with nearly perfect features and is also functional in 24 different language due to which people in almost every part of the world who don’t understand English, even they could use this app. However do try all these apps and share your Reviews and Feedbacks in the comments Section below.

Abhinav Singh, a software engineer who is very much interested in social engineering. He is responsible to manage all the social media profiles of Gadgets To Use. He also has a hobby of tracking new apps and gadgets and to share them with our readers as well.


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