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Uber Starts Accepting Debit Card Payments In India

Paying for Uber cabs will be a lot easier from now on. The cab hailing service has added debit card payment option in all 18 cities it operates in, and in a vital market where majority hold a debit card, this should definitely be good for business.


At the start, uber accepted international credit cards only, but since RBI insisted on 2 factor authentication, it soon resorted to payments via Paytm wallet (which accepts debit card payments). Showing more flexibility, Uber also started accepting cash payments exclusively in India.

As of today, you can download Uber app and directly add your debit card to you Uber account. You can also pay through Paytm wallet. Mobikwik wallet, credit card or cash. All major credit cards issued by Mastercard, Visa and American Express are supported. You can also add multiple cards.

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How to add debit card to your Uber account:

  • Download latest Android or iOS app.
  • Tap the account button in the top left corner
  • Tap Payment
  • Tap Add Payment
  • Fill in your credit / debit card information or tap the “scan your card” option
  • After your trip, you shall see a “Pay Now” button that triggers the 2 Factor Authentication.
  • Type in your OTP or I-Pin and your receipt shall be sent to your registered email address.