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Moto G 2015 Battery Test Performance: Lasts Longer Than Other Moto Gs

One of the significant reasons for why the original Moto G was remarkable, was its excellent battery backup, which wasn’t a forte of budget devices back in 2013. Moto G 2014 was a step down in this regards, with lesser battery endurance. The all new Moto G 2015 includes a much bigger 2470 mAh battery, but since clock frequency has also increased, we were sceptical about any major improvement in battery life. Turns out we were wrong.


Video Playback

We played a 720P HD video in loop on a fully charged Moto G and the Moto G 2015 lasted for 9 hours. For the test period, brightness was close to 75 percent and sync from 1 Gmail account, Facebook account and Evernote account was on. This is very good performance when compared to other phones in the same budget.

Web Browsing


For browsing we put Moto G 2015 through Lab501 battery life browsing test for almost 2.5 hours. the battery depleted by 15 percent only. This is again the average time a heavy user spends browsing the internet through the day.


Screenshot_2015-08-06-17-47-34 (1)

For gaming we played a combination of casual games like candy crush and Subway surfer for an hour, and then some more demanding games like Asphalt 8 and Blood and Glory for another 50 minutes. Then we put the Moto G through Lab501 Battery life Gaming text which maxes GPU workload and Moto G managed to survive another 9 hours.

The phone did stutter a few times while playing high end games, but battery backup while gaming is above average.

3G Talk Time

To check 3G Talk time, we made several calls successively in area. A 20 minutes long call on 3G networks depleted charge by 2 percent in our area. With an idle 1 hour call on 3G network, battery depleted by 7 percent. Sync was left on in our battery test for better estimate in day to day performance.

Charge Time

With a 2 Ampere charger, you can charge Moto G 2015 from 0 to 100 percent in 1 hour 50 minutes. With a 1 Ampere charger, you can charge it in a little more than 3 Hours.



Moto G 2015 battery backup is much better than what we had expected. It is still not the best in its class but will suffice for all classes of users. For basic users, the phone shall last for more than a day and moderate users can comfortably get one day battery backup. A battery saver mode is also present to help you in critical times. If you have used Moto G or Moto G 2nd Gen before, the increase in battery backup will be easily noticeable.


Deepak Singh

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