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Top 5 Apps To Pick Colours For All Practical Purposes

If you have some experience with working with colours, you would know how difficult it can be to reproduce just that perfect desired colour in your designs or on your wall. There are several Android apps which can help you grab colours from real life sceneries to enrich your colour palette.


SHADZ is one of the best colour picker app which allows you to pick colours and tweak them a bit. Like most other colour picker app SHADZ needs you to point a crosshair to a particular colour you wish to pick. The App will then automatically generate a palette in which you can change individual swatch by swiping up or down. Once you are ready, just save the palette for future use.



  • You can share your collections as images to cloud or on social media
  • You get Hex and HSV codes
  • You can change saturation and brightness before you shoot


The palette configuration is not very clear on the camera interface


SwatchMatic is one of the most popular colour picker app from the same developer. The app lacks a few options when compared to SHADZ, but it works better for basic users. The entire palette is easily visible in big shards before you click. You can tweak colours in your palette before you save or share it.



  • Colours are clearly discernible before you shoot
  • App returns RGB, HSV, HEX values for all colors
  • Can easily export your pallets as images


  • You cannot change color saturation or brightness before you shoot

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Color Harmonizer

Color Harmonizer app doesn’t use your smartphone camera. You can simply select a harmony and individually select up to 7 colors in your palette. You can fine tune the selected colors by placing them in a particular order. If you know exactly what you are looking for and want to assign a value to it, you can benefit from Colo harmonizer. It is a very basic color picking app.



  • You can select multiple colours in your palette
  • You can export your palette in form of an image


  • You can not pick colours from your surrounding using camera app

Color Grab

Color Grab is another color picker app which allows you to pick colors using your camera and also from other images in your gallery. The app has a rather simple interface but is very efficient and accurate. You can amplify the colour you choose to your entire phone screen for a better judgement. You can also edit these colours or use them as desktop wallpapers (can be used to apply black wallpaper on Amoled screen to save power).

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  • You can check the selected colour on entire display
  • The app returns all kinds of colour values you will need
  • works accurately


  • Interface is a bit drab

Color Picker

Color Picker app again allows you to select image from gallery or using camera app. If you have an image with limited set of colors, you can select the image using the app and find the Hex, RGB and RAL value and colour name. You can then share the image using Android share menu.



  • Simple to use
  • you can share hex code using Android share menu with apps and clipboard


  • Not many options available


These are some of the apps you could try while selecting a colour for any practical purpose or for simply knowing what a particular colour is called. Since several of these apps rely on your camera, the efficiency depends on how accurately your camera sensor can reproduce colours.