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Find Apps Eating Your Battery on Android in Background Processing

Everybody has managed battery issues at some point; it goes with the job of utilizing a pocket-sized PC. Much has been spoken on the point of battery protection — an issue that isn’t particular to Android — yet there’s one imperative angle that keeps stumbling individuals up: battery eating applications.

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Applications can silently kill your battery without you understanding it. Now and again it’s done perniciously (e.g. smartphone spyware) however as a rule, it can be clarified by poor application outline or an application that has denounced any kind of authority and can’t stop through regular means.

Quick List of Popular apps responsible for battery drain (Source: AVG App Report)

  1. Facebook
  2. Spotify
  3. Instagram
  4. Path
  5. Amazon Android
  6. LINE Let’s Get Rich
  7. Boom Beach
  8. Candy Crush Saga
  9. Farm Heroes Saga

Do You Need Task Killer, RAM Booster ?

If you feel that your first response to fix this issue is to introduce an Task Killer or RAM Booster, STOP. Task Killers and RAM boosters are terrible for your smartphone and ought not be utilized for maintenance of smartphone resources. The best approach to resolve such issues are “Diagnostic apps”

4 Best Battery Drain Diagnostic Apps to Try


BetterBatteryStats Logo

BetterBatteryStats is accessible for $2.99 on Google Play, and it’s well justified, despite all the trouble. In the event that you might want to attempt before you purchase, you can download the application for nothing from its thread on the XDA Developers forum.

BetterBatteryStats BetterBatterStats 1

The application will begin checking after your first charge. When you have installed the application, you have to charge your smartphone and after that give BetterBatteryStats time to gather information. You can utilize your smartphone ordinarily for a couple of hours, utilization it for a regular day, or even abandon it sitting overnight to see just what your smartphone is doing when you aren’t utilizing it.

BetterBatteryStats uses Android’s standard events, so it shouldn’t utilize any extra battery energy to collect this information. BetterBatteryStats is a great approach to stay more aware about what the apps on your smartphone are doing when your screen is off.


  • Simple and User friendly design Interface.
  • Accurate Battery Consumption Stats.
  • Do not use extra battery energy to run.


  • Waiting time required to allow app for collection of battery data



Greenify lives up to expectations by taking a gander at which appls are running hidden in background and placing them into “hibernation,” which viably prevents them from running out of sight. This really constrain stops the application, however this implies it won’t walk out on unless you particularly open the application once more. This is an a great deal more complex approach towards killing hidden battery eater apps, since it really places them in a rest mode where they won’t wake move down when they’re shut. By evading that Cop and thief game that Task killers play, you’ll really see a critical improvement and battery increment in the event that you have a few apps that simply decline to play fairly.

Greenify pic 1 Greenify pic 2

Obviously, the downside here is that a resting application is totally closed down out of sight. In the event that you hibernate a texting application, for case, you’re not going to get notifications of new instant messages. You wouldn’t have any desire to apply that to something like a wake up timer or an application that you need push notifications for, however in the event that you’re attempting to stop an game or something comparable from continually turning on out of sight, this app meets expectations exceptionally well.

On the off chance that you have an rooted smartphone, you’ll become acquainted with a couple of other valuable features, as automated hibernation and some Xposed modules that permit dozing applications to still send you certain warnings. Despite your smartphone state, Greenify is a free approach to augment your battery when managing memory hungry applications.


  • Extends phone battery life
  • Super easy to use


  • Does not offer full features for non-rooted devices
  • All background app functionality gets disabled when an app is in hibernation, this can render certain apps useless like messaging, and social network apps


Wakelock Detector

WakeLock Detector

Expecting you’ve gotten the app set up and working normally, Wakelock Detector will track and reveal to you which applications are keeping your smartphone awake following your last boot, in addition to give point by point information about each wakelock, as how regularly and to what extent the application is doing it, and when it’s going on.

The application can’t do anything naturally with that data, however it gives you a beginning stage to chase down where your battery drain is. It likewise demonstrates technical insights about applications, similar to their present state, CPU utilization, and the aggregate time they’ve spent awake on the smartphone.

WakeLock Detector pic3 WakeLock Detector pic2 WakeLock Detector pic1

In case you’re willing to do anything to boost your Android performance, Wakelock Detector is free with a premium version accessible.


  • Currently running apps are displayed in green colour.
  • Shows both CPU wakelock (Partial wakelock) and (Full wakelock).
  • Clean & Easy to use Interface


  • App needs at least 1-2 hours of running processes data gathering.

These are a couple of the numerous apps on the Play Store that track and help your smartphone’s battery life. Contingent upon your gadget set up, these applications are the well on the way to help broaden your battery life for a couple of hours, which may be exactly what you require until you find the next wall charger.

Similar Apps

Some other similar apps which does the same thing and have got some good reviews from users are DU Battery Saver, Battery Doctor – if above mentioned apps does not work for you, you can try these apps. Lets us know if none of these mentioned apps work for you to save battery on your smartphone.

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Dont ignore the apps which you are not using or installing on your android. Some of these apps may cause battery drain with background processing. These apps works better in case you have a rooted android device but still the basic info about which app is good or bad for your phone is available in each app we have mentioned.

Have you tried any of these apps before? Do share your experiences with us in the comments section.

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