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Lenovo Vibe Shot 16MP Camera Review

We have seen a lot of devices doing good in mid-range segment smartphones. Most of these phones are full of features and offer powerful specs, but somewhere the cameras underperformed most of the times. Here is something that made a difference in the monotony with mainstream camera features.


Lenovo’s latest addition to its mid-range smartphone segment is named the Lenovo Vibe Shot. With its recent devices, Lenovo has been trying to put a variety of devices with a whole heap of features. Its latest offering, the Vibe Shot carries looks of a camera with many camera dominant features. We tried digging out the 16 MP camera in Lenovo Vibe Shot and the upshot was really cool.

Lenovo Vibe Shot Camera Hardware

Vibe Shot boasts a 16 MP (5328 x 2997 pixels) rear camera and an 8 MP (3264 x 2448 pixels) front snapper. The 16 MP rear camera has 6 piece lens fixed in front to capture extra clarity and details. Vibe Shot’s f/1.9 aperture lets the right amount of light enter the camera backed by 16:9 BSI sensor (Back illuminated sensor). Sensor size is ½.6 inch and the camera records video at 1080p at the rate of 30fps. The Vibe Shot camera is supported by one of its kind Tri-LED which has automatic color correction feature; it does a good job in low light conditions but still nothing dissimilar to a dual LED flash.

Camera Software

The camera software on the phone is easy to use and contains some awesome features if you really love playing with the camera. The phone has a quick response to auto focus which can be easily accessed by half-pressing the capture button on the bottom of the right side of the phone.

The auto mode looks just like any other smartphone UI but, switching to pro mode will bring in a lot of changes. You can control the exposure compensation, ISO, white balance presets (these elements can also be adjusted in normal mode inside the settings icon at the bottom left of the screen) and focus with the help of on-screen adjustment tools on the right side of the screen.

What I liked about the camera were the different artistic modes like Wide selfie (panorama selfie), Blur background and specially the Creative lighting modes.

Lenovo Vibe Shot Camera Samples

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Camera Performance

A ‘Camera ‘phone with such camera dominating features and a price tag worth INR 24,999 is always anticipated to come up with some exceptional imaging performance. This device holds a good camera, and there is no doubt about it. When we talk about camera performance; we have a certain set of queries about the camera in our mind and that is where this device performs convincingly.

The rear camera clicks at a good speed and has a snappy autofocus. The results in sunlight produced real colours and good details, considerable for outdoor photography anyday. In low light the camera performed pretty well but still not something which was expected.

The 8 MP front camera compliments the back camera pretty well, the images quality was standard but the the performance in low or bad light was something that was impressive.