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Moto X Style vs Moto X Play With Pros, Cons for Both

With the recent launch of the Moto X Style, we wanted to compare Motorola’s highest-end phone to its subordinate- the Moto X Play, and see how each phone stacks up against one another.

Moto X Style Pros

  • Great Built Quality, Premium Looks
  • Good Display
  • Good Front Camera

Moto X Style Cons

  • Repeated Design
  • Limited One Handed Usage

Moto X Play Pros

  • Great Value for Money
  • Big Battery

Moto X Play Cons

  • Plastic Build
  • Basic Camera Interface

Display Is Everything – But More Pixels Does Not Mean Better Always

While the display sizes on both phones are relatively the same, the higher resolution panel present on the Style gives it a clear edge in crispness over the Moto X Play. Even though your eyes won’t technically be able to discern individual pixels, the astute among you can definitely notice the difference in sharpness, when held side by side.

Performance – It about Speed and UI Lag

The Moto X Play is undoubtedly under-classed by its elder sibling; measuring smaller numbers in metrics such as the processor, RAM and the GPU. But one could argue that the Play has way less pixels to push than the Style, rendering both these phones relatively similar in GPU-intensive tasks.

Real world metrics such as app load times, multitasking efficiency and snappiness will unquestionably see the Style take the lead over the Play. This isn’t to say that the Play will be a sluggish mess, just that the Style will be able to sustain its snappiness for a year or so, whereas the Play may not(depending on your use-case).

Cameras – Matters in Low Light More

While the cameras on the Motos provide, on paper, similar pixel measurements, we wouldn’t be surprised to see similar results across the board with both these phone cameras. Turning things around, the front camera on the Moto X Style may have one advantage over the Play- its front facing flash. We don’t feel this should be a deal breaker in a head-on comparison(the Style might even yield a poorer shot in some situations due to an unbalanced light when the flash goes off).

Battery and Price – Which is More Affordable & Value For Money

The Moto X Play takes the cake on the value for money front. Starting at INR 18,499, the Play easily provides some of Motorola’s best in a budget-minded package. If you’re on a shoestring budget, the Play is a no-brainer. The battery front narrates a similar story. A lower powered processor(compared to the Style) and a beefier battery will result in marginally better battery life for the Play, over the Style



The Moto X Style comes with a faster WiFi standard- 802.11 ac; which the Play lacks. Similarly Bluetooth 4.1 is absent on the Play and it isn’t available in a 64GB option(a con that is redundant since expandable storage exists on both phones anyway). The Play does feature dual-SIM capabilities whereas the Style does not.


Motorola makes the choice here extremely simple: If you’re a prospective buyer on a budget, the Moto X Play is your phone. It cuts down all the right corners to bring the price down while keeping vantage points such as the cameras and the battery on par with the Style. However, if you want the cream of Motorola’s offerings, buying the Moto X Play will make you a happy customer.

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