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Xiaomi India Mi Protect Phone Insurance Plans

Xiaomi Mi Protect

Mobile phones are more than simple electronic devices that we use to facilitate our communications. They are digital hubs that store our information and for many of us, our day to day proceedings depend on. In the wake of this increasing dependency on our smartphones, companies have started rolling out insurance programs for your cell phones. Xiaomi have joined that bunch today by announcing the launch of its Mi Protect plans for its Mi lineup of devices.

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The Mi protect plan covers accidental and liquid damages against Mi products available in India. Xiaomi have listed out the prices for each product as follows: INR 275 for the Redmi 2 and Redmi 2 Prime and INR 499 for the Mi 4i, Mi 4 and the Mi Pad.

Xiaomi Mi protect plans

Xiaomi have said that devices will be picked up and delivered to your doorstep, free of cost, under the Mi Protect plan with the second servicing being free till the first year after activation. Additionally, feature such as 24×7 call centre support(1800 407 333333/1800 1233330/8080 333333 ) to report damages and One Call Block SIM where a user can block their SIM card from anywhere in the world by making a single phone call. Xiaomi will be providing user’s with 1GB of storage too, for storing essential or crucial documents in the cloud. To be noted, however, is that devices already purchased are not eligible for this insurance program; users interested in the programme must go to to avail the service while purchasing their device. Further terms and conditions can be read on Xiaomi’s official page.

With the addition of the Mi Protect program, Xiaomi seek to maintain and even strengthen their stronghold in India. However, we would’ve liked to seeing option of existing devices eligible for being insured under Xiaomi’s latest program as well. Let us know in the comments what you think of this new service by Xiaomi.