We recently provided you with a list of smart TVs that let you do more than an oridnary Television set by connecting to the Internet via WiFi. Today we provide you with a comprehensive list of 5 of the best WiFi dongles that enable you to make your Television   more capable by allowing you to stream content from your device. Let’s have a look:

Teewe 2.0: INR 2,399


The Teewee is a dongle that is targeted specifically towards the Indian market. Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Windows Phone, OS X and giving you the option to install a Chrome plugin, this streaming device allows you to connect a whole host of devices to it. Furthermore, it also allows you to browse the Internet over WiFi, view your photos and videos on your TV and the Teevee app also allows you to watch Hindi movies and TV shows. All streaming is done in 1080p and, as a bonus, the Teewee comes with 60GB of Airtel broadband data free.

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EZcast 5G: INR 2,500 Approx.


Compatible with Windows, Windows Phone, OS X, iOS, Android and Linux, the EZcast is a nifty little accessory for almost the same price as the Teewee with a little more versatility; although it is solely a streaming now device, whereas the Teewee allowed you to watch movies and TV shows as well. The EZcast also supports streaming over DLNA, AirPlay and Miracast, covering streaming for all major devices. Display mirroring is also possible here and EZcast promises periodic OTAs too. They have conveniently included a comparison table with the Chromecast below.

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Chromecast: INR 2,999


Probably the most well known contender in this roundup, the Chromecast is Google’s take on what a streaming device should be. The Chromecast is primarily intended to be used with Android but iOS and Chrome(Windows and Mac) are supported too. The primary use of a Chromecast is found when casting content, from apps that support the service, to your TV; Chrome and Android devices can cast their entire screens on a TV through the Chromecast too. Google’s Play Movies, Play Music etc are supported here.

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Belkin Miracast Video Adapter: INR 8,010 Approx.


Supported only on Android 4.2 or later and Windows 8.1, the Belkin Miracast allows you to extend or mirror your Android, Wi-Di 4.X or Windows 8.1 compatible devices. All streaming is done in 1080p and the Belkin also allows you to broadcast your movies, photos and games to your TV. The drawbacks of the Belkin Miracast Video Adapter are is its lack of support for a wider range of devices and high cost.

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Anycast M2 Plus: INR 1,399

Anycasts M2

Anycast M2 is the most budget-friendly and generic casting device in this roundup. The Anycast works without installing any additional app and supports DLNA, Miracast, Airplay and even has a switch to easily toggle between Miracast to Airplay mode. With the support of these standards, the Anycast M2 supports iOS, Android v 4.0 or higher, Windows and OS X. The output stream is accomplished at 1080p– a resolution that can be switched to other resolutions too.

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With these WiFi streaming dongles, it should be easier for you to share your content with your friends and family on a bigger screen; or simply enjoy your content on your TV. Let us know your favorite device in the comments below.