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[Winners Announced] Giveaway: Making Your Home Glow with 16 Million Colours This Christmas with IOTA Lite Smart Bulb

Update: 5 Winners Names Announced

GadgetsToUse and Cube26 congratulate the winners of this amazing giveaway. After overwhelming response from the participants, it was a task to pick the best out of all. Out of all the odds, the names of 5 lucky winners are-

Suraj KeshariSubodh NagraleNishad LadRahul and Prizewinner1984




SEND THE EMAIL TO [email protected] 

With less than a 10 days until Christmas, one of the most wonderful times of the year, GadgetsToUse is bringing some colours for you and your home to celebrate. We have come up with another great contest with a great prize. Here is your chance to win 5 Cube26 IOTA Lite smart bulbs. Yes you heard right, we have five economically smart IOTA  Lite Smart Bulbs for 5 winners to giveaway!


How to Participate

To win a IOTA Smart Bulb, all you need to do is

  1. Tweet, How would you use the IOTA Smart Bulb and what else do you want to see go the smart way
  2. Use the hashtag #IOTALiteon Twitter or Facebook. And also tag @Cube26iota with your answer.
  3. Participants will also have to follow  IOTA Twitter handle and like IOTA FB page  to qualify. Additionally they need to Like, Follow and subscribe GadgetsToUse on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube as well (Click on the Links to reach the page directly).
  4. More you tweet and more are your chances to win the #IOTALite Smart Bulbs.

Follow the instructions in the widget below to increase your chances of winning

  • More you tweet and more you update on facebook, more are your chances to win the prizes
  • Make sure when you tweet, it should have the link to contest page.
  • Once you comment with reasons how would you use the Cube26 IOTA Smart Bulb and what next more do you want to see go the smart way, it will be counted as an entry.
  • More retweets you get, more are your chances to win prizes, also make sure to tag more people – your friends and family on twitter.
  • Share the giveaway video on facebook and twitter and tag your friends, family etc ( Mandatory ).

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Cube26 IOTA Lite Smart Bulb Unboxing, Hands on [Video]

9 Best Features of Cube26 IOTA Smart Bulb


  • Adjust the brightness and colour using smartphone app
  • It offers 16M colours to choose from
  • LED technology: reduce one tenth energy of normal bulbs
  • Up to 15000 hours of lifespan
  • Maximum 7 bulbs can connect with one app.
  • Turn on and off direct from smartphone
  • It offers different light modes like party, candle, reading etc
  • Set custom notification effects
  • Compatible with Android version 4.4.2 and above

IOTA Lite App & features


You can easily control and customize the colour and intensity of each light bulb individually from the Color tab.



It lets you play the music using a third party music app, and while you play the music, it automatically synchronizes with the tune and the lights change their colours with the rythm.



IOTA Lite app offers a number of pre-loaded modes to use the bulb in different ways, like Reading mode, Party mode, Movie Mode, Kaleidoscope, Strobe and Candle. Each scene is a beauty in itself, and you can even add more modes or customize the pre-existing modes in the app.



In this tab, you can create an alert for a phone call, SMS, a Youtube notification or weather forecast. You can set the transitions according to your wish and the lights will notify you once you receive any of the following alerts. The weather alert shows you the weather outside your place; it changes colours and transitions for each type of weather.


Terms & Conditions

  • This contest is applicable to residents of India who are 18 years old and above.
  • Entries by participants below the age limit of 18 years shall be disqualified.
  • The participant must hold a valid Twitter or Facebook account to be eligible.
  • Anybody found using any unfair means to win will be disqualified.
  • The contest is open starting from December 17th2015 and will continue till December 23rd 2015
  • GadgetsToUse will pick the best tweats and posts and announce the names of the contest winners.
  • The selection cannot be legally challenged.
  • We will contact the winners after the end of the contest via Twitter or Facebook. If we do not get a reply within 10 days, we will select another winner.
  • The winners cannot claim cash/money in exchange of the prize and it is not transferable.
  • Members of GadgetsToUse and their family members are not eligible to participate in this giveaway.
  • Participation in the contest implies that participants agree to all the Terms & Conditions listed above.

7 thoughts on “[Winners Announced] Giveaway: Making Your Home Glow with 16 Million Colours This Christmas with IOTA Lite Smart Bulb”

  1. I’d use it in my hall so, that it can light up my house in the smartest way possible it will be my first step to make my home smart. whether its party, celebrations, festivals or some new guests it will make my home a smart home. I’d love to see more kitchen appliances to be smart n even our vehicles to be smart.

  2. IoT is the future. I can only imagine the things I can do with such an awesome mobile app and IOTA Lite. Can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  3. Hi Team, I have followed all the above mentioned step. I am truly amazed with Features of Cube26 IOTA Smart Bulb and now I feel that with such Bulb’s at my home I now need to search for a party venue outside. Now I can call all my buddies at my place for Christmas and New Year Party bash. This will turn my house to a beautiful lighted venue in minutes. With so many modes pre-loaded modes like Reading mode, Party mode, Movie Mode, Kaleidoscope, Strobe and Candle, I can use in different ways. It would be great to sit and watch movie with family in movie mode or throwing a surprise for wife at home with candle light dinner under Candle mode or just enjoying my favorite book under reading mode. wow.. their is so much to do with it. Its like Ginnie in hand who can turn boring environment into bright one. One more think that I want to go for smart way is my Car..:)

  4. Many Big Thanks for this Amazing Christmas #giveaway I really like the IOTA Lite app that offers cool pre-loaded modes in different ways. The smart bulb offers really Incredible features.

  5. I really Amazed to see such great bulb is available to us, I use this AwesomeCube26 IOTA Smart Bulb when we organise any kind of parties like birthday,anniversaries, my family members, friends and relatives really get surprise after seeing this awesome light

  6. I will use it to set my room…it will be cool to set the colors of my room according what i feel inside!!!

  7. I would like to use the Cube26 IOTA Lite Smart Bulb in my bedroom as my 2 year old son doesn’t allow me to switch off lights to sleep. I could use my app to switch off the light and he would be amused and clueless at the same time 🙂

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