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Top 7 Indian Government Apps, Pros and Cons

The Indian government is taking giant leaps to ease the procurement of its services for Indian citizens. Gone are the days when work related to the governmental offices meant standing in long ques for hours. Embracing the hospitable efforts by the government’s Digital India Campaign, here are what we think to be the top seven wonders by them.

Screenshot_2016-01-03-13-35-02 Screenshot_2016-01-03-13-33-41

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 Narendra Modi


Launched in July of 2015, it is the official app of the PM and one stop destination to know about all of his activities. The app lets users read the PM’s biography, blogs, watch his speeches and interact with him by sending messages. The app highlights the achievements of the government

App Size (Google Play)

  • 4.84MB




  • Receive and send emails directly to the PM
  • Know about government initiatives and plans


  • The app is particularly slow to load images



The app informs users about the external affairs and events taking place in and out of India and also lets them apply for haj and Kailash Mansarovar Yatra on it. Furthermore, we can download the passport application form, apply and track it right from the app and with the inclusion of Magazine ‘India Perspective’ users can download and read it for free.

App Size (Google Play)

  • 16.96MB



  • Single window solution for all citizen-centric services and outreach activities
  • Decent visuals/graphics


  • App froze when used for more than ten minutes
  • Occasionally crashed when trying to watch documentaries



This app is the platform that lets citizens of India, engage with the government in every initiative. Users can share their ideas with the government, take part in initiatives, discuss opinions with other users, read blogs and vote for or against an initiative in the provided polls thereby giving power in the hands of the people.

App Size (Google Play)

  • 6.31MB



  • Direct citizen participation in program implementation


  • Blog section redirects to the browser



This App gives users all the required info about the RTI, right from general questions to filing for its application. It lets users search, read news regarding RTI, participate in the various forums, and interact with prominent activists of the country.

App Size (Google Play)

  • 7.35MB

Screenshot_2016-01-03-13-36-57 Screenshot_2016-01-03-13-37-00



  • Ask for RTI enquiry directly
  • Send/receive personal messages to activists


  • Empty black screen ad page pops up when you open the app

Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan


It is an application in support of the mass cleanliness movement initiated by the PM of India. The app lets users take up cleanliness challenges or invite their friends to the same. It also lets users upload before and after pictures of the completed challenges.

App Size (Google Play)

  • 4.51MB

Screenshot_2016-01-03-13-38-03 Screenshot_2016-01-03-13-38-06 Screenshot_2016-01-03-13-38-09



  • Helps citizens become active participants in the drive for a cleaner India


  • Should include a more robust option to let the authorities take action themselves if nothing is being done by the people, as seen in the Swachh Delhi app

Incredible India


It is an initiative by the Indian Tourism Ministry to educate and inform the domestic and international travelers regarding places of cultural heritage and registered service providers like tour operators, guides, hotels and agents.

App Size (Google Play)

  • 5.09MB

Screenshot_2016-01-03-13-39-27 Screenshot_2016-01-03-13-39-30 Screenshot_2016-01-03-13-39-32



  • Smooth and minimalist interface


  • Has a single and very small sized image of places, no images for hotels
  • Lack of support for mid-tier and low-tier cities

IRCTC Connect


Launched by the Indian railways to help users book/cancel tickets from the palm of their hands, users can search, book train tickets and also save the passenger details to ease the process of booking.

App Size (Google Play)

  • 8.16MB

Screenshot_2016-01-03-13-40-35 Screenshot_2016-01-03-13-40-38



  • One step login and new users can register from the app itself
  • Smooth interface


  • Booking of tatkal ticket isn’t allowed from 8am to 12pm
  • Web and app version not synced, a ticket bought on the web might not show on the app and vice versa
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