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Coolpad Note 3 Lite and Note 3 To Support VoLTE (HD Calls)

Coolpad in the recent has surprised and shook the Indian market with its super affordable, practical, almost perfect high spec’d smartphones. The company just informed us that the Coolpad Note 3 and Coolpad Note 3 Lite will support VoLTE technology.


About VoLTE

VoLTE stands for Voice over LTE, which (can you guess?) transmits your voice over LTE. It’s a newer version of the same 4G network that allows for basically phone calls, but using data instead of traditional cell phone networks. What that translates to basically is that you get better voice quality when you call someone, also dubbed as HD voice in comparison to the traditional method. To sum up, its the same difference you find between a Blu-ray and a CD quality video or a music file with 320Kbps bitrate vs a 128Kbps file. For VoLTE to work your device has to first of all support 4G(chipset) and the manufacturer has to implement a particular software(binary package) that lets the process happen.


This is where Coolpad steals the show, they are future ready to adopt the Reliance Jio technology. Yes, Reliance Jio uses VoLTE and soon will be used by Airtel and the others too as we are shifting to a more data eccentric ecosystem.

Emmc 5.0

The Coolpad Note 3 Lite also uses the eMMC 5.0 flash as its inbuilt storage which is a comparatively high quality flash storage and translates to a smooth overall experience for its users. With the low price point that Coolpad is offering for its devices one might think that they would have lower quality hardware and user experience but this is what we are trying to tell you that its a bummer what the company is offering in terms or hardware and software.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

Abhishek Bhatnagar, a known technology blogger & YouTuber from India. A Software Engineer by qualification, now he works as the editor-In-Chief, Webmaster, & Managing Director at Gadgets To Use. He runs a number of other technology websites as well.